Taisa Ayala

Lieutenant Taisa Ayala is a Medical Officer aboard StarBase 118 Ops.

  Taisa Ayala  
StarBase 118 Ops

“Isn’t it a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do “practice”?”

- George Carlin

Fullname Taisa Ayala
D.O.B. 237210.08
Birthplace Earth colony II
Occupation Medical Officer
Height 1.71 m (5' 6")
Gender Female
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Fluent Lang. Standard, Spanish, Andorian
Telepathy None
Hobbies Springball, listening to music, movies

A long, oval face is set with a straight nose and full lips, dark brown eyes and long lashes. Of average height, Taisa is graced with plenty of curves, which she will either flaunt or tone down depending on the situation and her mood. Long, supple fingers are carefully kept with trimmed and often coloured nails, sometimes with designs upon them. Her hair is long and wavy, though she keeps it held back when she is on duty.


Quick to smile, Taisa loves to have fun, but tends to be a little hesitant to break the rules. Give her a nudge, however, she might join into a harmless escapade or two. She enjoys beer and good wine, good food, and good friends. She loves what she does, and has a caring side, but also a stubborn streak. Usually laid back, when she's at work, she's more formal, but tends to have a good bedside manner.

Born on Earth Colony II, Taisa had a normal upbringing in a normal place and went through a normal childhood. She had no traumatic experiences, her parents remained together, she had no other siblings to cause mayhem and drama, and no one died until they lived to be a ripe old age. She is, as she would say, very boring. It is, perhaps, because her life was so boring that she decided to enter Starfleet. Wanting to get out into the galaxy and experience people and things that weren't in the same place she'd spent all her life, she also wanted to do something worthwhile and had a knack for medicine. Thus she entered into the Academy's medical program where she learned to balance work and fun and, after eight years, graduated. Assigned to the USS Hippocrates, a small medical vessel, she served there for a couple of years, then was transferred to Starbase 118 in early 2397.

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