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Top Sims Contest


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We're using a system called "Instant runoff." You can read about it by searching Wikipedia for "Instant Runoff Voting." Basically: rankings are initially distributed based on each judge's first preference. If a sim secures more than half of votes cast, that sim wins the round. Otherwise, the sim with the fewest votes is eliminated. Votes assigned to eliminated sims are recounted and assigned to one of the remaining sims based on the next preference on each ballot. This process continues until one sim wins by obtaining more than half the votes.

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW is that you're ranking each round's sims. If you give a "1" to a candidate, that means you like that sim the MOST. The higher the number you give them, the less you like the sim. You can only give one number to each sim.

For example, if there are 5 sims in a round, you give a 1 to the sim you like the most. You give a 2 to the sim you like second best. And so on until you get to 5, which is the sim you like least.

How to input your votes

Each of you should have received an invitation to view a Google Spreadsheet titled "Top Sims Contest - Judges" -- check the email address you provided as the one where I should invite you. (Your Gmail address.)

Click the link in the email to view the Google Spreadsheet. Please follow these instructions carefully:

  1. Look to the bottom of the screen. You'll see a number of "tabs" -- including ones titled "Round 1", "TEMPLATE", and "JUDGES LIST". Depending on what time you view this, you may see new rounds (Round 2, Round 3, etc.), as well.
  2. Click on the tab for "Round 1". You'll see a multi-colored spreadsheet.
  3. In Column A -- furthest to the left -- is the title of each sim in this round. Moving to the right, you'll see columns with names at the top. Column B is an example column with my name in it. DO NOT COPY THIS COLUMN -- this is just to provide you with an example of how this works. I used random numbers to provide the example.
  4. Find the column with your name at the top. Starting in row 3, input your votes. Remember: give a 1 to the sim you like the most, a 2 to the sim you like second best, and so on down the line. In Round 1 there are EIGHT sims, so you'd rank the sims 1 - 8. DO NOT give two sims the same number. (Meaning: only one sim can be #1. Only one sim can be #2, etc.)


If you're confused, look at my example in Column B: "Judge 0 - EXAMPLE". If you still don't get it, email me privately, off list, at t.wolf@starbase118.net -- I'll help you.

Keep in mind, if you mess up your rankings, I'll have no way of knowing that. You should check, and re-check your rankings, following the instructions above. 1 for the sim you like best, higher numbers for sims you like less.

Sims from your crew mates

Reminder, from the rules: "When voting, judges are NOT permitted to vote in the top slot the sim from their crew. This ensures that judges are not favoring their own crew's sims. They can still choose their ship's sim in the second slot or lower."

Ranking criteria

  1. Is the sim easy to read? Is it mostly spell-checked and grammatically correct? (Do not deduct points if the difficulty of reading is due to the submitter’s failure to properly format the sim.)
  2. Does the sim include ample characterization?
  3. Does the sim include ample exposition and scene-setting?
  4. Does the sim balance dialogue with exposition?
  5. Is the sim engaging and enjoyable to read, even if it covers difficult subject matter?