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Member of Deep Space 26



T'mani comes from one of the Great Houses on Vulcan, but like all Vulcans doesn't laud it over others. Pride and ego are not Vulcan traits. She had a more or less "normal" Vulcan upbringing. She spent eight decades working for the Vulcan government in varying capacities. During this time she also spent part of her career with Spock, the famous Vulcan Ambassador and retired Starfleet officer. She spent time on Romulus with him, as part of the Vulcan-Romulan reunification movement. But while Spock still had "hope" that reunification would be possible, T'mani found that the attitudes and philosophies of the Romulans were too mired in tradition and social protocol to change. She thought that logically if no headway was being made, the movement should be abandoned as having no future. She left Romulus and returned to the Federation.

The subsequent years have found her working as a diplomat for the United Federation of Planets. She has had a great amount of success in her endeavors over the years. The Federation felt that she would be perfect to represent them in negotiations with the species of the Par'tha Expanse.

Personality & Appearance

Ambassador T'mani is fairly short for a Vulcan, standing only 160 cm tall. She has incredible mental discipline, though, and so has a fairly commanding presence even with her small size. Like most Vulcans, she does not smile, and would rather be left alone or to her work, than fraternize with others.

Duty History

  • Posting/Duration/Service:
    • n.a.
  • Previous Experience:
    • Diplomat, Vulcan government, various locations and assignments (80 years)
    • Diplomat, United Federation of Planets, various locations and assignments (10 years)
    • Diplomat, United Federation of Planets, Deep Space 26, Par'tha Expanse (6 years)
    • Diplomat, United Federation of Planets, Outpost Ganzera, Par'tha Expanse (1 year)
    • Current Assignment: Deep Space 26/current/outpost