T'Vex, Daaron

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Biographical: Daaron T'Vex is a Romulan diplomatic attaché to Starbase 118, though he lacks any noticeable interest in diplomacy and is rarely if ever seen engaging in his job. Judging by his spending habits in the commercial sector, he still draws a rather large stipend for his inactivity. He will occasionally participate in diplomatic briefings, but only if his personal interests appear to be at stake. The other Romulans on the Starbase do not seem to mind this. Or rather, are not very interested in seeing Daaron interfere with their work any more than is strictly necessary.


Daaron T'Vex appears to be a very average Romulan, with a grey skin and the usual haircut. He is very sensitive about his hair, and will not allow others to touch it. He is a bit chubby and out of shape, but will be very offended if anyone points this out. He is slightly below-average in size, and has managed to develop a Napoleonic complex over this. Despite his less-than-stellar physique, he manages a firm glare for everyone and everything. He has comically large ears, and their subtle movements betray his emotional state.

Daaron will go to great lengths to ensure he is looking good, and has an obsession with looking at himself in the mirror. A mirror anywhere will immediately distract him.


Personal philosophy

Daaron T'Vex is primarily motivated by the prospect of destruction and enslavement, though he will rarely initiate physical violence. Service to the Empire means spreading hate and discord among everyone aboard Starbase 118, whether they might be a potential friend or a potential foe. Daaron's world revolves around getting what Daaron wants.


Cheerfully Contemptuous. Daaron T'Vex is optimistic about his own awesomeness, completely reckless, extremely discordant and usually pretty vocal about it.

Personality traits

  • Positive Personality Traits:
    • Wilful.
  • Negative Personality Traits:
    • Egotistical
    • Obnoxious
    • Usually incompetent


  • Likes:
    • Seeing others humiliated
    • Obedience to his purposeless whims
    • Setting fire to things
    • Breaking things
    • Personal luxuries for himself
    • Insulting random strangers
  • Dislikes:
    • Orders
    • Being made to do anything
    • Non-Romulans. Particularly Vulcans. To a lesser extent he despises everyone he encounters, unless he has reasons not to.