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T'Vara-Lahn is the 167-year-old Vulcan commanding officer of the USS Galaxy. She previous served as CO of the USS Tempest.


Born as T'Vara in 2233, she first joined Starfleet in the mid-23rd century. While attending Starfleet Academy, her roommate was Gianna Dacosta. Following her graduation in 2362, T'Vara was assigned to the USS Intrepid along with her arranged husband Lahn. She later returned to Vulcan in 2368, carrying their first child, while Lahn remained aboard the Intrepid. However, later that year, the ship encountered a vast, space-dwelling being, single-celled organism and was destroyed with the loss of all hands.

A different era...

T'Vara entered a ceremonial period of mourning following the death of her friends, colleagues, and husband, incorporating his name into her own to honor him. She gave birth later that year to their daughter T'Sann and remained on Vulcan to raise the child, although she was not entirely alone during this period. In addition to her own parents and Lahn's family, her old Academy roommate Gianna Dacosta also took on an important role in T'Sann's upbringing, becoming her godmother. When Gianna's own lover David Whale was presumed killed when his ship the USS Ackerman vanished in 2269, the two friends supported each other in their loss.

Life Moves Onward

While on Vulcan, T'Vara began working at the Vulcan Science Academy. Eventually, after T'Sann had herself gone onto university studies, T'Vara considered returning to Starfleet. She eventually did so, serving with distinction through several major exploratory and defensive campaigns of the late-23rd century and first half of the 24th century. She retired from the service and returned to working with the Vulcan Science Academy and the Daystrom Institute for the next several decades, but when the Federation faced its most formidable threat during the Dominion War, she was called back into service as Starfleet suffered enormous losses early in the war.

Following the Dominion's defeat, she was again faced with the possibility of leaving Starfleet, but in the post-war climate, Starfleet Command requested she consider an opportunity to lead several vital relief campaigns to help in the rebuilding efforts of the various worlds devastated during the war. She was later given command of the USS Tempest in 2384.

She never remarried or had additional children, but through her daughter T'Sann she eventually became a grandmother and then great grandmother, with her youngest great grandchild recently deciding to join Starfleet, the first in the family line since her late husband Lahn and T'Vara herself.