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Lieutenant Commander T'Lea serves as Chief Science Officer at the Embassy on Duronis II, and aboard the USS Thunder-A. .

  • Full Name: T'Lea
USS Invicta
Position Historian & Archaeological Specialist
Rank Lt. Commander
Species Vulcan/Romulan
Gender Female
Birthplace Imperial Romulan Warbird Hexce
Writer ID I238301T10
Service Ribbons
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons battleforbajor 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons ExtendedService 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingSilver 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons medicalscience 2013.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Prometheus Incident 2014.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons GornCampaign 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons DistinguishedService 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons War of Shadows 2016.png
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg

Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Bajoran Campaign Ribbon
Purple Heart
Explorer's Ribbon
Extended Service Ribbon
Klingon Invasion Ribbon
Gateway Ribbon
Silver Lifesaving Ribbon
Medical Science Ribbon
Prometheus Ribbon
Gorn Campaign Ribbon
Distinguished Service Ribbon
War of Shadows Ribbon
Innovation Ribbon

Awards General Tosma1 2011.jpg
Awards DutyPost CochraneAward 2011.jpg
Awards General Neelix 2011.jpg
Awards General NebulaBar 2011.jpg
Awards General BPlot 2011.jpg
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Awards Special Kalendra 2011.jpg
Awards General 5Year 2011.jpg
Awards General SilverPalm 2011.jpg
Awards General 10Year 2011.jpg
Awards General Pathfinder 2015.png

Cochrane Award
Neelix Award
Nebula Bar
B-Plot Award
3-year Member
Sheathed Sword
Kalendra Award
5-year Member
Silver Palm
10-year Member
Pathfinder Award
The Order of Starfleet Merit and Achievement Second Class

Top Sim of the Year
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Top Sim Set Winner
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Top Sim Round Winner
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  • Race: Vulcan/Romulan hybrid - Vulcan in appearance.
  • Date of Birth: Unknown
  • Place of Birth: Imperial Romulan Warbird Hexce
  • Age: 43 (apparent age, Mid-20s)
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: T5

Telepathic/Empathic Scale


  • Height: 5'7"
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Build: Tone, with Vulcan/Romulan strength
  • Carriage: Vulcan postured
  • Voice: Smokey
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous
  • Scars: There is a small surgical scar on her head that is hidden within her hairline. There are various other scars on her body from fights during her young adult years.
  • Tattoos: She has a spiral tattoo on her back left-shoulder made up of nearly one hundred kanji-style characters. She recently added a black dragon to the center of the original tattoo as a symbol of the Katra Fusion that she shared with Vetri, who has a silver dragon tattoo of her own.
  • Weapons: Skilled in knife-fighting, T'Lea is very fond of knives. Her main carry weapon is a balisong. She also has bootknives, throwing knives, a special tanto fighting-knife, and a 16 inch bowie named "Godmother", a gift from Toni Turner, among her collection. Since her cybernetic enhancement surgery T'Lea has become an expert marksman, ranking near the top of her certification class with a 92% accuracy rating in both small arms, rifle and heavy weapons.
Gang Tattoo


  • Quarters: Neat and clean. There are various artifacts on display -- some are real some are replicas, but everything has it's own designated place.
  • Habits: The famous Vulcan eyebrow
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: A mild following in the teachings of Surak
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: Holodeck docu-novels of famous historical events. Advanced neuropressure points. Rock climbing. Research in her occupational field of archaeology. A devout study in a particular Vulcan Martial Art, which is similar to Brazilian Jiu-Jitzu. She is also very well practiced in K'dall, a form of dirty street-fighting common to N'Dallis Prime, (similar to Krav Maga with a mix of Filipino knife fighting techniques).
  • Likes: Exploring exotic locations with historical significance. Mostly a vegitarian, but does enjoy eating fish on occasion.
  • Dislikes: Being lied to. Meaty foods. Sweet foods. Starfleet Intelligence. Her mother.
  • Ambitions and Goals: Find peace after the brutal murder of her mother, break-up of her marriage, and "relocation" of her daughter, T'Sara.
  • Temperment: It is a constant struggle for T'Lea to find a balance between Vulcan logic, emotions, and her suspicious and emotional Romulan side.
  • Mental problems (complexes and phobias): A fear of rat-like creatures, bunny rabbits included.
  • Physical Limitations: Cold weather slows her down.


  • Marital Status: Currently Single.
  • Children
    • Eldest Daughter: Gina Es-Aleh. Orphaned from an alternate universe, T'Lea and Della have adopted her as their very own.
    • Youngest Daughter: T'Sara MarenThrough the mysterious interference of the Alpha Numerics Time Guardian known as Mister One, T'Lea conceived and gave birth to a Vulcan/Romulan/Trill hybrid. The Trill DNA belongs to Della Vetri. T'Sara Maren was born 238807.01, and her sole purpose for being created was to take over for Mister One. T'Sara is now Mister One's apprentice somewhere in the world of Alpha Numerics.
  • Parents
    • Father: Keros, Vulcan Counsel Member, deceased.
    • Mother: Raivus, Romulan Ex-Tal Shiar agent. She assassinated her husband, Keros, for the Romulan Empire. Defected to the UFOP. She was under the protection of SFI, and overseeing the "Gateway Project", when Cardassian rival Dal Selta murdered her.
    • Other Relatives: Uncle Zadok, deceased, (murdered by Armeni). He was the brother of Keros, and a renown archaeologist. It is unknown what Romulan family members exist.
  • Siblings: (Vulcan) None/(Romulan) unknown.

Personal History

  • Childhood: (On Starfleet File)

As a child T’Lea traveled extensively with her uncle, Zadok, to various archeology expeditions across the galaxy. She was exposed to many cultures, languages, and sometimes certain behaviors that young children should never witness. For these reasons, Zadok had T’Lea’s tutors put an extra effort into making her study and practice the Vulcan teachings of Surak. T’Lea hated every second of her lessons and often went out of her way to provoke emotion from her ridged and strict teachers, as well as her guardian. Early on, Zadok learned that there would be no taming T’Lea’s mischievous, rebellious Romulan side, but he would never stop trying.

  • Young-Adult:

(All that is summarized on her Starfleet File is that she attended the Vulcan Science Academy.)

As T’Lea reached maturity she found herself growing more independent, angry and more defiant of everything Vulcan. During the exclusive excavation of an ancient civilization on N’Dallis Prime, located in the Bogon system, T’Lea left the unpredictable sandstorms of the desert dig-site and sought refuge in the inner city. She quickly found her place as the Alpha Female in a notorious and deadly gang. For four long years she carved out her reputation as the most lethal, heartless, and cunning ruler of the streets -- earning the name, The Butcheress of N'Dallis Prime -- and along side her mate Dragus, Alpha Male of the gang, their empire was quick to threaten established enemy territories. Soon opposition fell at the duo’s bloodstained hands, but T’Lea’s lust for power, and the inherent legacy left behind by her mother, once again lead to the ultimate betrayal. Seeking a higher social status, T’Lea conspired to have her mate, Dragus, murdered in exchange for a privileged political rank. The sinister plan went awry. She not only saw to the destruction of her mate, but successfully destroyed herself as well.

T’Lea’s old gang emblem on N’Dallis Prime

Fleeing the city a broken and shattered mess with a Warrant for Vengeance on her head, T’Lea returned to her guardian Zadok, hoping that he would get her off the planet before the Sentinels and/or Bounty Hunters found her. With T'Lea in a comatose state, Zadok fled the Bogon System and arrived on a remote, illegal medical science facility, where he enlisted the expertise of an Ullian to rewrite T’Lea’s memories -- making her docile, peaceful, and logical. With a new Vulcan foundation in place, T’Lea’s violent memories were tamed, and she was completely unaware of the involuntary memory reprogamming she’d suffered. As far T’Lea was concerned, she gave up her brutal past and found sanctuary in the teachings of Surak. Under these false pretences T’Lea studied at the Vulcan Science Academy, and later joined Starfleet. Although she still struggled with her suppressed Romulan side, she managed to work her way through training with logic and Vulcan integrity.

Over time the memory reconstruction procedure slowly started to deteriorate. During the Ambrosia mission, Ethereal creatures finally broke down the memory barriers and revealed the truth about T’Lea’s past. The shocking revelation thrust T’Lea’s Romulan side to the forefront once again, and forced her false Vulcan half into a deep meditative state. T’Lea is now ruled by her manipulative Romulan heritage and the intense drive to find her estranged mother.

  • Expedition 1.0: (Not on Starfleet File)

While trying to uncover the mystery behind an Iconian Artifact, Lt. Cmdr. T’Lea and 1st Lt. Dade Adarnis were kidnapped by N’Dallis Prime bounty hunters and taken back to fulfill a warrant for T’Lea’s arrest. After enduring two days of torture for her crimes, a Romulan Tal Shiar agent, named Tomal, who had arranged the kidnapping in the first place, also arranged for their escape. The premise behind this deal was that T’Lea would lead him to her Uncle’s old dig site where they would find the last clue to the Iconian Artifact. It was discovered that the Iconians built a gateway here and the artifact was a power source. Upon opening the gateway a backlash of cataclysmic events began and it was necessary to destroy it. (See: Broken Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6)

  • Black Ops.:

(The following information is available on her record) After a failed career change with Starfleet Intelligence, T'Lea found herself in a prison for a few months for breaking the Director of SFI's nose. With a demotion she was returned to service as a Lieutenant and the Historian/Archaeological Specialist of the USS Constitution-B. (The following information is Classified and not on her record: Torture) But all was not well with the Romu-vulc. Enduring months of mental and physical torture at the hands of her mother, and the corrupt Black Ops. Director, T'Lea teetered on the brink of insanity when she was released back to duty. Black Ops. wanted information about the Iconian Gateways, but it was protected by a telepath-inhibitor chip, which T'Lea implanted in her own brain. With the help of Counselor Della Vetri, the Romu-vulc has made a full recovery in her mental health.

Shortly after her return to active duty, the T-inhibitor chip in T’Lea’s brain started to rapidly degrade. A secret surgery with Commander Toni Turner operating was arranged. Unable to face her own demise, T’Lea approached Counselor Vetri about hosting her Katra (See: Katra Part 1, Part 2) while the delicate medical procedure was performed. After much consideration Della agreed to the request and soon the Trill was not only playing host to several past lives, but one shady Romu-vulc as well. During their time together Della and T'Lea became extremely close, learning intimate details about each other and their past, but with the operation a success, and T’Lea in perfect health, her Katra was soon returned to her own body.

SFI is still in pursuit of the Iconian Gateways. First contact from a powerful alien species beyond one of those gateways has warned that if a gateway was reactivated, a devastating war would consume multiple galaxies, and entire worlds would perish.

  • SFI and the “Gateway Project”:

(Current Storyline) Having helped bring down the corruption within Black Ops., Raivus has been entrusted with valuable information and resources gathered by the rogue agency. She has been granted a leadership role to help oversee the top secret “Gateway Project”. While she is not in complete control of the project, big decisions belong to the Director of SFI, Raivus’s knowledge of the Iconian gateways, and her outside contacts have provided the project with beneficial resources to prosper the project’s goals.

One of Raivus’s valuable contacts just happens to be her own daughter, T’Lea. No longer under the corrupt command of Black Ops., Raivus genuinely hopes to reconcile the broken relationship with her daughter. Or perhaps she’s simply using her daughter to get what she wants. ((See: Digging Up The Past, Part 1- Digging Up The Past, Part 2))

  • Past Relationships
    • Dragus: A N’Dallis Prime native. He was the leader of a notorious gang, and T’Lea’s first bond-mate. Perhaps she loved him, or perhaps she was simply curious about the emotion. At the time, she was still very young and very savage. Everything she did was out of pure selfishness. She used her relationship with Dragus to control him, and the gang from behind the scenes, until she conspired to have him killed for her own lust of power.
    • Kwame Alexander: After being exposed to a hallucinogen on their very first away mission, the two had a brief drug-induced fling in a shuttle craft. They remain friends to this day.
    • Tash Zubowskivich: Long time BFF’s from their days at the academy. T’Lea had never thought of Tash romantically, even though she suspected he had deeper feelings for her. It wasn’t until years later during a camping trip, and a healthy dose of alcoholic wild berries, that they hooked-up for a one night stand, the consequences of which almost destroyed their friendship. They’ve since cleared the air and remain close friends.
    • Dade Adarnis: A stubborn and handsome Marine. Their relationship was passionate, rocky, fiery, and sometimes violent, but always loyal. He won the cold heart of the Romu-vulc almost instantly with his brash, and annoying behavior, but when she finally confessed her love for him, he walked away from the relationship in order to, "keep her safe". It took several years to reconcile a friendship together, but they are now in good standing.
    • Captain Della Vetri: Previously married to and Bonded with Vetri. ((See: Pon Farr "Union" Sim )) The relationship ended in an amicable separation.

  • Medical History

Successful cybernetic enhancement surgery was performed on Stardate 239003.04. T’Lea’s cybernetic enhancements are illegal by Federation standards, and were performed by a first-rate Cardassian surgeon, Vladislav, at his secret medical facility. Implants include:

    • Right Eye – Manual blink activated Optical Targeting System (OTS) with 99.9% accuracy. Magnification range finder. Night vision lens. Vital Organ Targeting Software (VOTS) included.
    • Left and Right Arms and Hands – Muscle-weave stimulators with up to 36% reaction time increase, and 36% increase in hand-eye coordination and motor skills.
    • Known side effects – Overuse may results in headaches, dizziness, and sensitivity to light.

  • Notes: T'Lea is pronounced, T'Lee.

Professional History

  • Date Graduated from Academy: 238111.23
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Current Assignment: Embassy on Duronis II
  • Duty Post: Historian & Archaeological Specialist
  • Education
  • Vulcan Science Academy
    • Anthropology, Astral Anthropology
    • Archaeology, Exoarchaeology
    • Mythology, Xenomythology
    • Advanced Neuropressure Technique
  • Starfleet Academy
    • Spatial Anomaly, Wormholes, etc.
    • Astrophysics
    • Stellar Cartography
    • History, Ancient Civilizations
    • Linguistics, Ancient and Classical Languages
    • Cryptozoology
  • Starfleet Medical
    • First Aid Certified
    • Combat Medic
    • Alternative Medicine, Herbalist
  • Starfleet Survival Training
    • Security
    • Survival
    • Armory

Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
TOSMA 238301.06
USS Columbia
Cochrane Award 238301.06
USS Columbia
The Order of Starfleet Merit and Achievement Second Class 238401.11
USS Columbia
Neelix Award 238502.22
USS Columbia
Nebula Bar 238502.22
USS Columbia
B-Plot Award 238601.28
USS Columbia
3-year Member 2386??.??
USS Challenger
Sheathed Sword 238701.22
USS Constitution-B
Kalendra Award 238801.18
USS Constitution-B
5-year Member 238812.24
USS Avandar
Silver Palm 239112.24
Embassy Duronis II
10-year Member 239112.24
Embassy Duronis II
Pathfinder Award 239306.29
USS Invicta
Given to those who have shown great care in the mentoring of fellow members.
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 238111.23
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have
graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Bajoran Campaign Ribbon 238812.24
USS Avandar
Purple Heart 238812.24
USS Avandar
Explorer's Ribbon 238812.24, 239007.13, 2392
USS Avandar
Extended Service Ribbon ??????.??
USS Avandar
Klingon Invasion Ribbon 238910.30
USS Avandar
Gateway Ribbon 239011.15
USS Avandar
Silver Lifesaving Ribbon 239105.01
Embassy Duronis II
Medical Science Ribbon 239109.20
Embassy Duronis II
Prometheus Ribbon 239209.10
Embassy Duronis II
Gorn Campaign Ribbon 239302.04
USS Invicta
Distinguished Service Ribbon 239302.08
USS Invicta
War of Shadows Ribbon 239306.07
USS Invicta
Awarded to an individual who participated in
the War of Shadows in 2393.
Explorer's Ribbon 239311.16
USS Invicta
Awarded In Absentia for participation in The Unturned Stone (Invicta)
War of Shadows Ribbon 239311.16
USS Invicta
Awarded In Absentia for participation in The Unturned Stone (Invicta)
Innovation Ribbon 239402.10
Embassy Duronis II
Given for her innovative design and successful implementation of the TOUPM to get both the Thunder and Discovery back to Duronis safely.
Legion of Merit 239406.27
Embassy Duronis II
Awarded to a person who has distinguished himself or herself by exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services and achievements. .


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