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Lieutenant JG T'Katt Dugoras
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingGold 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons TemporalFlow 2011.jpg

Gold Lifesaving Ribbon
Defense of Temporal Flow Ribbon


Current Posting: Ships Counselor
Current Assignment: USS Veritas
Species: Klingon/Vulcan/Human
Telepathic Status: T0/E0
Gender: Male
Age: 44
Height: 6 Feet
Weight: 248 lbs
Build: Muscullar
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Medium-long
Eye Color: Dark Green/Brown
Place of Birth: Decommissioned Starbase, edge of Vulcan space
Marital Status: Single





Academy.jpg 239104.18 — 239503.20
Starfleet Academy Cadet
Major: PsychologyMinor: History
Academy Transcript
Starfleet Academy
Starfleet Academy
Insignia Rank Dates Assignment Duty Post
001-Cadet4th-Teal.png Cadet 4th Class 239104.18 - 239206.017
002-Cadet3rd-Teal.png Cadet 3rd Class 239206.017 - 239302.23
003-Cadet2nd-Teal.png Cadet 2nd Class 239302.23 - 239401.01
004-Cadet1st-Teal.png Cadet 1st Class 239401.01 - 239501.10 Starfleet Medical Academy Student
004-Cadet1st-Teal.png Cadet 1st Class 239501.10 - 239503.20 USS Centris-A
USS Centris-A
Medical Officer Graduate Candidate
DS9style-ens teal.png Ensign 239503.20 - 239506.20 USS Veritas
USS Veritas
DS9style-ltjg teal.png Lieutenant Junior Grade 239506.20 - 239511.07 USS Veritas
USS Veritas
DS9style-ltjg teal.png Lieutenant Junior Grade USS Astraeus
USS Astraeus
DS9style-lt teal.png Lieutenant USS Veritas
USS Veritas


  • Rank: Ensign
  • Duty Post: Counselor
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Rahman
  • Stardates:

Act I

After blowing up his own ship to prevent anyone else from accessing his ship's database, Kallo reveals that he has found the location of a shipwrecked 23rd-century Romulan warbird belonging to a lost Romulan treasure fleet. The Veritas is tasked to investigate. Meanwhile, the Orion Syndicate has sent their own agent to go after Kallo and secure the lost treasures for the Syndicate. Three teams are dispatched to the warbird, each with a different aspect of investigation.

  • Once the away teams return, they bring back a few different artifacts from the wreckage of the warbird called the IRW Pellecia. While each artifact they had was extremely useful, one artifact that was housed in a very large metal box has gone missing. The warbird was also described by Evan Delano as being the "final resting place of at least forty Remans and 89 Romulans."

Act II

The scene opens on the surface of a Romulan colony, long abandoned. Some of the material used in the structures resemble that of the warbird, which confirms a Romulan presence in the Shoals at least 100 years prior. There is also a crashed vessel on the surface, where Captain Rahman and her team encounter Aniliza Tacir, the Orion Syndicate agent who made off with the artifact housed in the large box. Meanwhile, the engineering team back aboard the Veritas have uncovered that the box is composed of a metal called Reskariaehhrr, which is apparently a rare Romulan element. The only records of its existence were recovered from the logs of the Pellecia and indicate it was found only on the northern hemisphere of Romulus. Tacir attempts to provide a distraction for the Syndicate retrieval agents when the Veritas appears overhead to provide support.


Act I

Responding to a strange distress call, the crew of the Veritas recovers versions of Roshanara Rahman and Mei'konda from a temporal anomaly. It quickly becomes clear that the two appear to have traveled five years into their futures. Before the Veritas can fully analyze the situation and return Rahman and Mei'konda to their own time, Rear Admiral Joseph Washington issues priority orders to investigate an Ohanze sighting of a Borg vessel in the Shahrazad System. Veritas rendezvoused with an Ohanze vessel and brought aboard Lieutenant Commander Raissa Moonsong and The Oracle, an Ohanze representative.

  • In the Shahrazad System, Veritas encountered a Borg probe running some kind of scan on an apparently dead world. As Veritas approached, the ship became hostile. During the ensuing battle, the Veritas was forced to overload its deflector to disrupt a Borg tractor beam. While the strategy proved successful, resulting in the apparent destruction of the Borg vessel, an apparent malfunction in the Borg systems caused both vessels to travel almost 600 years into the past (Terran year, 1804). Almost immediately, Veritas systems began to lock up as the computer began to display the greek symbol for Omega. Attempts to override the lockout were met with "insufficient security clearance" error messages. Evan ordered Veritas to orbit a Lithium-based gas giant at the outer edge of the solar system, where the strong magnetic fields would help to protect the ship from sensors while the crew got a handle on their new situation.

Act II

Veritas dispatched an away team to the fourth planet to locate the Borg wreckage, retrieve the temporal device that had caused the time travel, and destroy any remaining wreckage to prevent timeline contamination. The away team left Vertas via the modified type-10 shuttlepod Shadow (outfitted for stealth), and eventually found the signal. On the surface, they encountered at least one surviving Borg drone and a massive "ice serpent" creature that attacked the group. In the struggle, Lt. Cmdr. Dugoras was badly injured, but the temporal device was retrieved and the Borg wreckage began descending into the ocean depths beneath the ice. The team evacuated to Shuttle and prepared to return to Veritas.

Meanwhile, the remaining Veritas senior staff were focused on overriding the computer lockout caused by Omega. As part of the process, Lt. Cmdr. Rahman and Ensign Mei'konda discovered that their future selves were the captain and first officer of the vessel. However, the team was able to use this information to grant access to an Omega data file. After a cursory review, Lt. Cmdr. Delano, as acting captain, authorized the entire datafile to be declassified for senior staff members. Using the information contained in the data file, the crew began working on methods of destroying the Omega molecule. Further complicating issues, Borg modifications were discovered to the ship's sensor array on Deck 11, and an active Borg drone was discovered on Deck 7.

  • The drone was subdued with minor casualties and transferred to a stasis field in one of the engineering labs. Examination of the drone found it to be an assimilated human, with limited contact to the collective due either to the time travel or the ship's position in the Shoals. The individuality of the drone was trying to reassert itself, which made it possible for interrogation. The crew soon realized that Omega particles were already present on Veritas, as well as on the planet's surface (where the Borg ship had been).

While one team quickly made plans to deal with the particles on the ship, a group of Borg managed to board Veritas using long-range transporters. Delano made a command decision to use three modified isometric torpedoes to fire on the planet surface and destroy the Omega particles. The maneuver was successful, but a group of Ohanze patrol vessels quickly detected Veritas and moved in to intercept. Veritas was able to elude the Ohanze using a modified "gravity bomb" torpedo, devised by Cmdr. Alex Blair, while a device created by Dr. Timothy Alentonis was able to neutralize the Omega on Veritas. With the crisis over, and their away team retrieved, Veritas left the system.

  • The recovered temporal device was used several days later to return Veritas to its normal time.


Act I

Detective Sidney Ripley has joined forces with those of the USS Veritas to investigate the missing miners. Due to the amount of ground to cover, there are three teams assigned. Commander Mei'konda's team would go and speak with general manager Starit Proz about the disappearances. Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek's team would be investigating the disappearance site, and Team 3 led by Commander Evan Delano's team would be looking into the questioning of witnesses, investigating homes and so forth.

  • In some sort of weird, helpful way, Mei'konda's team makes progress in questioning Mr. Proz about the missing miners. When investigating a mine, they find a dead body and proceed with a forensic investigation of the mines. Team Rosek splits off into three groups: Skyfire & Valoru, Rosek & Galven, Moonsong & Shandres. Skyfire & Valoru detect life ahead, beamed for their efforts, and leave behind a glowing beacon. Moonsong & Shandres come across it, searching from the opposite direction. They meet up with Rosek & Galven, and when Rosek attempts to check in to beam out, a transporter beam that doesn't belong to the Veritas takes the quartet away.

Act II