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Starbase 118-Ops
Position Chief Counselor/Psychiatrist- Medical Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Vulcan
Gender Female
DOB 2341
Age 60

T'Brei is a Vulcan Chief Counselor, Psychiatrist medical officer aboard the StarBase 118 Ops.


  • Full name: T'Ana T'Brei X'AndromedaT'PauSolkar; she goes by T'Brei
  • Date of birth (Age): 50 Vulcan years; looks 29
  • Birthplace: The Forge, T'Brei was born four weeks early.
  • Species: Vulcan/Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair color: Dark Brown and curly very long.
  • Eye color: Brown with blue green flecks
  • Height: 5' 6"
  • Child Prodigy, entered University at early age.*


  • Parents: S'Kar, Father, Ambassador; T'Andromeda, Mother, Doctor/healer
  • Siblings: T'Kia, sister
  • Spouse: as a child was bonded to Ambassador Serron, no official marriage yet. The story behind the bonding - engagement with Serron and T'Brei, both Serron's and T'Brei's families, understand the logical reasons why, the two have not gone through with the Vulkhunsu marriage ritual. Admiral Serron being half Vulkhunsu and half human, lives a very busy life style similar to the life style that T'Brei lives. The two agreed that they would not complete the Vulkhunsu ritural Koon-ut-kal-if-fee which translates into Federation Standard English as 'Marriage or Challenge!' The childhood bonded couple, with the lives their careers take them on, they are apart more than they would be together, hence the reason for the delay of Koon-ut-kal-if-fee. Serron, being a gentleman and knowing how much T'Brei's career is a part of her life, has never pressured her to complete the marriage, and she in turn knowing his busy career has not ask for the marriage ceremony.
  • Missions together T'Brei and Serron have been on several missions together, they work well as a team, and both have a vast classified biography that is only open to Covert Operations Brass at Starfleet, and a few Covert Operatives are aware of these deep cover missions. Serron, with his career and missions classified has become a master at the art of Chameleon, as with any good officer the level of cloak and disguise is handy in Special Operative or Covert Opts missions. T'Brei and Serron have worked with the Mercs, the Ice Brothers, an elite specialized team, who go in and do jobs that no other agency can handle. T'Brei, used her skills in acting and dance, in a wide number of these Merc missions. Serron, found her Salome character agreeable. As did Admiral Joseph Ice.
  • Ice Brothers, created by Gaz Ellershaw,*
  • Children: With the Koon-ut-kal-if-fee delayed, T'Brei and Serron have not taken the step into marriage bed, and therefore there are no children in their lives.

Persons of Importance

S'Kar, Ambassador: Negotiated the treaty of the Pash'Lorn Tribe with their neighboring moon P'Kash inhabitants. Twenty years ago, it was one of his finest moments in his career as Diplomate to new fringe worlds.

T'Andromeda, Healer/Doctor has some Human DNA in her ancestry, notable ancestry includes the McCoy's of Mobile, and Atlanta. And Priestess S'Surla of Mt. Seleya. Notable moment, Winner of the United Federation of Planets Peace Honor for her discovery of the cure for Planet Methoss, the Methoslan plague nearly wiped the population out, and had it not been for the Interspecies Medical and Science Group, working on location with the Heavy Medical and Support team, under then Captain T'Moya, the Methossians would be a footnote at best in Federation history.


  • Sheli the Seahlet, a childhood pet of T'Brei's lived a ripe old aged life, expired five years ago and was buried in a prominent place in the families garden near Shi Kar, Vulcan.
  • Leopolde, a siamese cat, her companion, who thrives in her quarter's on Starbase 118. "Leo" can say a few phrases, he can say, "I want out", "Mamma", "Football!"

Chronological History

Vulcan Shir'Kar attended lower grades at Shir'Kar Academy, top of her class, then attended Vulcan Science Medical three years top of her class, then moved to earth with Ambassador parents and attended Starfleet Academy took Command and Medical Sciences, top of her class three years. Attended, Graduate Studies at University of Alabama, Specialties: Psychiatry, Surgery. Research and Development Sciences. T'Brei's education in the arts of being a good listener came early, as she studied and watched her Father in negotiations at various diplomatic functions, she many times was his escort when her Mother could not attend, and learned the artful graces of Hostess, and aide at the tender age of fifteen, T'Brei's destiny had begun, although at the time she did not realize it; her grace and dedication to her Father's career, as well as her long hours of study, and assisting her Mother, in wards, and on missions where injured needed a competent hand and a Counselor's ear the young Vulcan grew into a strong young woman, successful and yet unaffected by the awards she won in lower grade school, nor in University, or Graduate University study; she armed with the gene pool of Vulkhunsu, and Earth began her journey in Medicine, from the Internship with Admiral Wilton Cloudt Eagle, a rather dark mission, that nearly cost the lives of all that away team, she still at times haunted by the faces of those who died, but who stood with them, and gave the very last measure of their lives so that the N'Tolkan could be free from a phenomenon that had literally torn the first four planets apart in that undisclosed solar system. T'Brei still wears around her neck, which she keeps hidden neath her Uniform or off duty wear, the bronzed eagle feather given to her by Cloudt Eagle for bravery and honor in the face of death and disaster above all. Something that she would describe as agreeable token of a mission won. Yet any of the Officers also on that mission would truthfully tell you that she wears it not for what they all accomplished, but what those who left their life's blood, accomplished before they went to that deep sleep in the black. From the depths of black opts missions in a internship, to the many ships, starbase, and other career positions, T'Brei a rather shy person, even for a Vulkhunsu/Human, she prefers to let other's have the grand accolades, the speech making, and the glory. For her, the glory is in saving lives, helping those in need of counsel find their path. She, is not one to seek glory, she is not one to put herself and her needs above others.

Interspecies Medical and Science Group.

Doctor T'Brei's medical expertise includes her chair on the board of the Interspecies Medical and Science Group; along with her colleagues they have revolutionized development of new organ transplants for patients. One of them, the Biomechanical organs for transplantation into patients who are not candidates for the Trans-biomolecular-bionics Organs, for patients who DNA can handle the ladder, these patients have organ replacements that totally look, feel and function as their natural born organs functioned and looked. T'Brei in her career has pioneered in this field and also in the field of Prosthetics, again there are the updated mechanized prosthetics for patients who cannot tolerate the trans-biogenic-dna-resequencing needed for a regrown prosthetic limb. T'Brei's background of Dance , allows her to create natural movement in the prosthetics that they create today. This gives amputees a more normal life and a satisfaction of knowing that they are no longer stopped from vigorous exercise or sport and their Starfleet or civilian careers are no longer impeded by limited range of motion and movements.

T'Brei and her Colleagues, work tirelessly in the Research and Development of newer and better applications for patients, another development for the patients with neurologic problems, are the tiny smaller than nano tech, brain stimulators that balance the chemicals in the brain and help patient's who for years have needed medications to control the chemical balance in their brains, the new stimulators make them medication free and able to return to their lives and their jobs without fear of complications.

T'Brei's goals are; to be the best advocate for patients mind, soul, physical body that she can be. She has seen suffering and the calling into Healing is not something that she takes lightly.

T'Brei finds herself after a brief MOS as a Medical Officer on board the USS Atlantis, now at Starbase 118-Ops, where she is the Chief Counselor-Psychiatrist for the starbase. Her doors are always open to any officer or civilian who seeks council or just needs to talk, and release whatever is on their mind. She is dedicated to her job and to serve.

USS Comfort Mission

Undisclosed system planet N'Toklia, USS Comfort Heavy Medical and Support mission. The N'Toklia planet dark, T'Brei found herself knee deep in mud and blood, wading through body parts and hearing the cries of the wounded calling out for help for those to weak to cry out the dying. She walks on wards to get the blood and platelet paks to the CHIEF of the make shift MASH. Soval handed her another case, it was a amputee both arms and legs, the N'toklan barely alive and she was to stabilize him and get him out on the next Medi-vac-Shuttle. The N'toklan looked up at her and whispered.:: Let meeee die..... Iii do not want to live like this..... his lips fell completely open his vital signs dropped, the CMO heard the alarm and took over. He brought the N'toklan back and the shuttle arrived and he was lifted away to the Comfort.

The ward for the N'toklan survivors, T'Brei assisted Top Notch Medical team CMO J'Dorr, and scientists were working to stimulate his genes using a highly classified and rare procedure to regrow his limbs. His screams echoed through the ward, he called out to his Gods and cursed the doctors who had kept him alive, his eyes settled on T'Brei. His newly regenerated arm and hand reached out and grasped her hand. She recalled his cries to her, "You understand, you know why I wanted to go on and be with my soul." T'Brei moved closer to him and said. "How can we bring you and your soul together again?" He pointed to a necklace around his neck, it had the sign of a priest on it. There were no N'toklan priests onboard so T'Brie found a Vulcan Priest. She and the Priest worked with the man for hours, until he and his soul were reunited.

  • T'Brei received the McCoy cross of valor in the line of duty for her work during the classified N'Toklan mission.
  • USS Comfort mission to N'Toklia, Classified: See, Covert Operations Admirals for security clearance.

Character Physical Description

Small boned/muscular build, physically fit. Pointed ears, Vulcan brow. Long hair below her shoulders. Slender frame.


  • Starfleet Academy, three years Starfleet Medical Surgeon and Psychiatrist and Command, University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, Medical five years, Graduate degrees specializing in Surgery, Research and development, Genetics Sciences. She is a board member of The Interspecies Medical Science Research and Development, she has worked with the Interspecies Medical Science Group since she graduated from Vulcan Science Healing Academy; she began as an Intern, and worked her way up as her career experience grew, she has won awards for her pioneering work in replacement limbs for amputee patients and in organ replacements for patients. Also holds a degree in Geology and Archeology.
  • Interships: T'Brei, worked as an Intern at the Vulcan Healing Institute while she was in the Vulkuhansu version of High School; her instructor was Sub-Commander T'Lari, and Commander S'Valk, they gave her high marks for her internships, and recommended her for several missions where Interns were used. She worked well with all of her Instructors and on the away missions. The award for Valor given to her for a mission where their shuttle had engine failure and they crashed on a moon, T'Brei, and one other survived with minor injuries, the Pilot and lead Officers were badly injured. T'Brei and the Helm Officer, treated the patients and worked on the beacon to boost the signal so that the Ship T'Murr found them, when they were rescued the Team Leader of the mission, praised T'Brei and T'Nona for their work saving the rest of the crew. And placed a recommendation in both of their files for assignments, through out their lower schooling and then later on Academy.

Skills and Abilities

  • Medical Doctor/Surgeon/Psychiatric Medicine
  • Psychiatrist/Counselor
  • Scientist Research and development
  • Archeologist
  • Geologist
  • Assistant to Vulcan Ambassador/ Assistant Psychiatric Doctor-Counselor to Patients undergoing Limb replacement, Organ replacement.
  • First Starfleet Assignment: Starfleet Medical Aide to Chief of Medicine. Three years.
  • First ship: USS Congo, Doctor, one year.
    • USS Courage Ast CMO, Chief Counselor, Four years
    • USS Adele, CMO
    • Starbase 210, Chief Medical Officer and Science and Development, two years.
    • USS Absolom, CMO, four years
    • USS Allied Zorro, NCC 11120, CMO and XO, five years
    • USS Esperanza, NCC 11121, Chief Counselor,M.D. One year
    • USS Comfort, CMO two years
    • USS Rumor, Two years, CCO
    • TBrei took a demotion in rank to take the assignment Atlantis
    • Most of her bio with other ships has Classified elements in it, **Note She was already a Doctor-Scientist before her SFA/and her 1st SF Assignment! During her Internship Vulcan she Counseled patients who lost limbs and helped prepare them for surgery and for life after surgery.*
    • Former Assignment UFOP: USS|Atlantis - Medical Officer.
  • Current Assignment: StarBase 118 Ops - Chief Counselor, Medical Division

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