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Lt.JG Syrak
USS Challenger

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Cadet (237802.08 - 238302.02)

Syrak entered the Academy on his first attempt in 2378. His training cruise took place during the fortnight of 238302.02 to 238302.16, upon the ending of which Syrak graduated and became an Ensign. He majored in Engineering, specialising in Warp cores, weapons, and programming, but nearly failed the basic law & medicine courses.

Syrak and Lieutenant Nger we're very good friends at the Academy. Syrak had meet her when they both we're in the same classes for their Tactical Major Courses

Ensign (238310.23 - 238501.20)

Syrak's first posting was as an Helm Officer aboard the Norway class USS Iowa. He joined the crew on Stardate 238302.09 . Syrak had alot of dealings with the Romulans, and spent most of the time with political missions. Syrak later joined the USS Discovery-B where ehe had gone back in time to help repair the USS Constellation, in order to protect the past timeline.

Lieutenant J.G. (238501.20-present)