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Currently assigned to the USS Challenger

Daran Sykes.jpg


  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Terran
  • DoB: 233506.15
  • Weight: 170
  • Height: 6'0
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brown/Gray
  • Brith Place: Dallas, Earth

Family Data:

Spouse: None Children: None

Father: Michael Sykes ( b. 231511.26 ) ( Served 35 years in Starfleet. Retired as the Captain of the USS Fontane. Medical vessel )

Mother: Elenora Sykes ( b. 231512.14 ) ( Works as a Botanist out of the family home in Dallas City, Texas. )

Both Parents reside in family home in Dallas City, Texas.

Brother: William Sykes ( b. 234004.29 ) ( Presently serving on Starbase 237 as a Marine Colonel. )

Sister: Caasi Sykes ( b. 234212.06 ) ( Works with mother at family home..Also teaches Botany at local Dallas CIty, Texas University )

Daran Sykes was born in Dallas CIty, Texas. A Metropolis in its' own right. Matched only by San Francisco in size. Daran grew up in a middle class family. His father Michael Sykes was a Starfleet Officer and served on many vessels before retiring after serving 5 years as the captain of the USS Fontane. A Medical vessel.

His mother, Elanor Sykes Studied Botany thru out her life and practices the skill at their family home in Dallas City, Texas. His Mother was and is a good woman, with dreams of discovering something important one day.

Darans brother William Sykes Joined Starfleet Marines, And Proudly fought in the Dominion war. William has the skull of a Jem'Hadar warrior on his bedroom wall. Williams is presently a COlonel of the Starfleet Marines on Starbase 237.

Darans Sister Caasi Sykes works with her mother, and is also a Botanist. Caasi also teaches Botany at the local University. Caasi is widowed with no children. Her husband died in the Dominion War.

During his years at Meadow Green Medical Institute, Daran took up Martial Arts, and learned Tai chi, and Akido. Also, Daran got into the local community Track and Field Competitions. Daran loves to Run.

Daran dated many women thru the past 30 years, but chose to maintain loyalty to his studies and work, so he never settled down.

Daran Accepted many oppurtunities offered by the Infamous Starfleet Intelligence to teach their cadets about Medical and Forensic Sciences. This was done in a Civilian Capacity. All offers from SFI to get more involved with the Organization were refused by Daran. After 6 years of Teaching SFI Cadets, Daran broke ties with the Organization. Daran does not talk much about those 6 years.


1. 2349 - 2353 Attended Monroe Advanced Learning Center in Dallas City, Texas. Graduated with Honors. Played Soccer, and was on the debate team.

2. 2353 - 2360 Attended Meadow Green Medical Institute.

Completed graduate work in Pathology, Medical Forensics, Biology, Organic & Inorganic Chemistry,
Pharmacology, Medical Ethics, Laws of Governing Medicine, Social Psychology, and Psychiatry.

3. 2360 - 2382 Attended Haven Medical University.

Completed Under-Graduate work in Dermatology, Proctology, Gynaecology, Podiatry, Orthodontics,
General medicine, how to diagnose and treat an Illness, and Mental Sciences. ( Special Needs )

Taught at the Haven Medical University as a Professor from 2372 - 2382. Took Intern ship at Castle Bluff Memorial Trauma Center from 2373 - 2379

4. 2382 - 2385 Attended Starfleet Academy.

Completed Minor works in Social Sciences and Health & Nutrition.

Missions on U.S.S. Challenger


Educational BackGround:

Academic Instiutional Background: 1. Meadow Green Medical institute ( 2353 - 2360 ) 2. Haven Medical University ( 2360 - 2382 ) 3. Starfleet Academy ( 2382 - 2385 ) Present

Medical Record -

Class Rating: Top 8% Academic Major: Pathology Professional Major: Psychiatry Thesis: Tissue Decay Thesis: Qualifications: Medical Officer, Surgeon, Coroner, Social PSychologist, and Psychiatrist.

Commendations: 4-MD/3-PH.D/2-Bachelors at Meadow Green Medical Institute 2-MD/2-PH.D/3-Bachelors at Haven Medical University ( Spanning 32 years of Studies )

Skills Profile:

Daran is a Quick study. He reads real fast, a technique he taught himself to do. Daran is an Upfront Communicator. Good Academic Leader. Good at seperating his work from his home life. A Great Listener. Determined Individual Able to prioritize. Has the ability to cope with failures and learn from his mistakes. Well organized and like to be neat with all of his work.

Psychological profile:

Daran is never openly emotional during work. He feels it interferes with his duties. Strong Willed Individual.... But is also a Team Player. Knows when to be angry and when to let things go.

Recreational Interests: Horseback Riding Track and Field Swimming Soccer Tennis Camping Reading a good book Puzzles Cooking Classical Music

Languages: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Klingon.

Weaknesses: Lose patience sometimes when I am not in a position to complete the assigned job in time.

Medical Background: 1. Darans hearing went out on him in his left ear when he reached the age of 45. He wears a Hearing aid, implanted Just inside his ear.