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Suena's Repair & Salvage is actually a rented out cargo hold down in the depths of Starbase 118 in an area known affectionately as "The Dungeon." The shop is run by a female Bajoran, named, Narys Suena (38). Rumor has it that Suena fought with the Maquis during the Dominion Wars as an Engineer. She is clearly a very skilled Engineer. Locals say she can fix anything, but she may use parts from four different ships in a configuration that was never dreamed of to do it. Suena's policy is that if she can't fix it - she'll buy it. (She does have a "salvage" company as part of the repair business.) She has a converted "freighter" at one of the docking ports. The ship is filled with parts, and one-manned worker bees to go out and work on ships near the starbase. While "most" ships choose to get their repairs done by the Federation, Suena is much cheaper and she asks a lot less questions. She is quite beautiful, even with her short hair. She cusses like a machinist and drinks like a thirsty Klingon. Around the "shop" she has several thick wooden targets with the torso of a Cardassian painted on them. She is deadly accurate with slender duranium throwing knives. She hates Cardassians with a passion that goes beyond words.

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