Subspace Shanghai (Apollo-A)

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Odyssey l.png   USS Apollo-A Mission History   Odyssey r.png
2396 Murder Most Foul · Subspace Shanghai
2395 Project Full Circle
2393 Awake
2392 A Series of Unusual Events · Backlash · Prison Break
2391 Pertainia Prime
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Subspace Shanghai

Apollo-A News Headlines

Mission Summary

Act I: Admiral Lost

With the USS Apollo-A making its first foray into unexplored Delta Quadrant territory, First Officer Lieutenant Commander Gogigobo Fairhug, whilst sitting in his Ready Room, attempts to contact Rear Admiral Renos over his comm badge, intending to inform the CO that he is about to visit Ship's Counsellor Ensign Malko to discuss some crew evaluations, however, the FO receives no reply from Renos. After a couple more attempts, Fairhug exits his Ready Room and asks Lieutenant E'riQ where the Admiral is, to which the Klingon replies the ne is in nir Ready Room. Finding the Captain's Ready Room locked and beginning to worry for Renos' safety, Fairhug uses the security override to enter the CRR, only to find the room empty. After visiting the Security Hub and questioning the computer on the Admiral's whereabouts, Fairhug is shocked to learn that Renos is no longer aboard the Apollo, despite the ship having no contact with any other ship or inhabited planet for approximately two weeks. Following a brief conversation with Chief of Security Lieutenant Khatri Darshana, Fairhug decides it's time to call an emergency meeting of the ship's senior staff.

Act II: The Investigation Begins

Having confirmed the mysterious disappearance of Rear Admiral Renos, Lt. Cmdr. Fairhug splits the ship's senior crew into teams with Chief Science Officer Ensign Davine D'fini leading a team that would attempt to establish just how the Admiral could have disappeared into thin air, Lt. Darshana taking a Security team to systematically search the ship, Lt. E'riQ performing an exact course reversal and Lt. Cmdr. Fairhug and Medical Officer Ensign Morin attempting to retrace the Admiral's steps in the hope of turning up some clues. Before long, each team begins to experience strange anomalies that seem to effect time and space, as well as causing a minor malfunction on a console in the main Science Lab which shocks Lieutenant JG Dante Termine, leaving him momentarily unconscious. A medical scan of Lt. JG Termine shows that there are Tetryon particles present in his body - particles which are normally associated with subspace. While the teams continue to work with this lead in mind, another crew member mysteriously disappears, this time the Transporter Chief Senior Chief Petty Officer Jack Wellbelove. When Lt. Darshana's team viewed the security footage of Wellbelove's disappearance, it became clear that is was linked with the anomalies being experienced throughout the ship.

Act III:

Project Full Circle Notable Characters

Project Full Circle Notable Characters
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio Link

Crew Participating in the Mission

Officers taking part in the Mission
Name Position
Renos Commanding Officer
Gogigobo Fairhug First Officer
E'riQ Chief Of Helm/Com/Ops
Dante Termine Helm/Com/Ops
Darian Vol Helm/Com/Ops
Kael Thomas Chief Engineer
Wiar Sh'zatrahr Engineering Officer
Khatri Darshana Chief Of Security
Daniel Cain Armed Protection Department Head/Security Officer
Conrad Adler Tactical Officer
Davine D'fini Chief Science Officer
Bran Maro Science Officer
Morin Medical Officer
Sakira P'au Medical Officer
Malko Counselor

Mission Awards

Mission Awards
Name Award

Player Mission Quotes