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Cory Stoyer

  • Height: 1.80m (5'11")
  • Weight: 82 kg (180lb)
  • Blood Type: O+
  • T/E Rating: T0


  • Chronic Illnesses: None
  • Medications: None
  • Allergies and Reactions: None known
  • Sexual/Reproductive History: Inactive


  • Stardate 238703.24 U.S.S. Shiloh NCC-95201;
  • Treated for injuries received shuttle crash, explosion and resulting fire. Injuries include cuts and abrasions from shrapnel caused by explosion. Bruises from being thrown to the deck several times. Injuries treated and patient released for limited duty.
  • Stardate 239305.23 U.S.S. Gorkon;
  • Treated for anesthezine overdose during the fighting with a Dominion Battlefleet. An intruder in Engineering threw a anesthezine gas grenade. Cory was treated and released after several hours.
  • Stardate 239308.28 U.S.S. Yarahla;
  • Treated for dislocated right knee cap, fractured shin and bruised ribs. Injuries sustained during Gorkon's rescue. Cory was treated and released after treatment by EMH.
  • Stardate 239512.07 U.S.S. Gorkon;
  • Treated for injuries received during session on holodeck. Injuries included 3 broken ribs and a severely bruised left leg. Cory was treated and released by Doctor Sim.


None as of yet



  • Alcohol: Rarely / Social Drinker
  • Recreation Drugs: None
  • Other: None


  • Parent 1 (Mother): None
  • Parent 2 (Father): None
  • Siblings: None


  • Marital status: Divorced
  • Children: None
  • Occupation/Assignment: Mission Specialist
  • Diet: Varied, semi-healthy.
  • Exercise: Runs occasionally.



  • Stardate 239603.26
  • Ens. Corliss Fortune
  • Condition: Shared Dream that seems to have caused a rift between a couple and a friendship
  • Counsellor Notes: Due to a shared dream on the ship, everyone has been left feeling out of place. Cory's session was shared with Lieutenant Commander Ayiana Sevo, however these notes will be over Cory. Refer to Sevo's record if need be. The dream seemed to have awakened previously unknown feelings between the two, sharing a life neither knew was possible. They awoke on the bridge in a compromising position. Cory revealed this to his wife, Petra, who I am told has left the quarters. Cory has stated he knows he loves them both, and merely wishes to be at peace. He is adamant in that, however both women have made it clear that they wish to have space.
  • Proposed Action Plan: Space. Both parties, plus Petra, should remain away from each other during Shore Leave. It would not be wise for either one right now to try and examine their feelings together, as everyone's emotions are running high. Have proposed they search inside their own hearts, and that Cory write out what he's thinking, and perhaps make another appointment by himself at a later time.
  • Counsellor Thoughts: I think space, and time, heal all things. It may not bring their marriage back, but I think all parties involved will make wonderful progress if things go well. Will definitely check in with everyone next Shore Leave, although I hear Petra may be leaving the ship...

  • Stardate 239603.26
  • Ens. Corliss Fortune
  • Condition: Follow up to previous session, see notes.
  • Counsellor Notes: Cory has come back for a follow up due to the ensuing events that came about after the last session. (see notes) Today was more about the dream and how Cory has felt his life has been upended after everything has happened with Ayiana Sevo and his wife, Petra. The results of which has ended with his impending divorce. He was greatly upset, perhaps even angered at the notion, but calmed down after getting everything out during the session.
  • Proposed Action Plan: Cory has indicated that he wishes to renew his relationship with both women. He has agreed to start small, baby steps, approaching Ayiana in hopes of small talk and rekindling their friendship while working with Petra in a civil manner.
  • Counsellor Thoughts: I think Cory will be able to accomplish this, however both women have freedom to their thoughts and feelings. Whether they will become friends in the future or burn the bridge, as it were, with Cory, remains to be seen. Will follow up next Shore Leave and see how he is doing.