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Lt. Ban Storos is a Security Officer aboard the Deep Space 17 station in the Eratis System, Ithassa Region.


  • Full Name: Banstorosa
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant
  • Race: Deltan
  • Date of Birth: 234805.01
  • Place of Birth: Delta IV
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic Status: E3


  • Height: 6’4”
  • Weight: 170 lbs.
  • Hair: Bald
  • Eye Color: Light Blue


  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None
  • Parents:
    • Father: Jesthamiah
    • Mother: Illize

Mannarisms & Other Information

  • Habits: Very effective and thorough, always with a touch of his Deltan emotional heritage of which he treasures greatly.
  • Mannerisms: Compassionate and peaceful, even during moments of tension. Inquisitive in nature and very much a pacifist.
  • Hobbies: Music Composer, Fitness & Meditation Instructor, Swimming and Skiing, Mediation
  • Likes: Classical Music, Harmonics, Laughter
  • Dislikes: Strife, undue and unnecessary stress, anger, jealosy and resentment
  • Spirituality: very Deltan, pacifist, love
  • Goals: To bring a steady and compassionate hand to Security and other police/military body forms.

Personal History

Banstorosa (aka Ban Storos) was born on the Deltan homeworld of Delta IV, noted by a very peaceful and practical sense of the universe. A remarkably uneventful childhood paved the way for this pacifist into Starfleet Academy in 2366, where despite a natural ability for geometry and mathematics, opted for the much more interesting and somewhat unconventional career choice of Security, much to the surprise of both his Academy instructors and Starfleet.

Upon graduation from the Academy in 2370, Ban, who had taken a Terran variant of his birth name, was assigned as an Ensign to what he called the great ship USS Eagle until it was decommissioned and returned to Starbase 118 Operations. At that time, as a Lt. Jaygee, Ban was temporarily reassigned to SB118 for a duration until he left Starfleet and worked for a time in various non-violent movements until becoming a respected mediator, and eventually, a Goodwill Ambassador for Delta IV.

He returned to Starfleet in 2380 and was assigned to Deep Space 17, where he has served the Security Department since.

Professional History

  • 237006.15: Graduation from Starfleet Academy
  • 237006.22: Assigned to the USS Eagle as a Security Officer
  • 237202.14: Promoted to Lieutenant Jaygee
  • 237609.01: Reassigned to Starbase 118 Operations
  • 237701.01: Resigned from Starfleet
  • 238011.01: Returned to Starfleet, assigned to Deep Space 17
  • 238204.22: Promoted to Lieutenant

Non-Professional History

  • 237701.08 Member of the Souza Movement
  • 237706.12 Souza Movement Leader
  • 237711.01 Mediator for the Korvaccien / Ungra Cease-Fire
  • 237802.16 Mediator for the Demilitarized Zone No-Fire Agreement
  • 237806.01 Deltan Goodwill Ambassador
  • 238010.27 Returned to Starfleet


Note: Ban is an accomplished linguistics expert. These are the mastered languages, including his native:

  • Deltan
  • English
  • Cardassian
  • Andorian
  • Klingon
  • Latin