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Admiral john sterrett.png
John Sterrett
Position Director of SST
Rank Vice Admiral
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 233906.01
Age 60
Birthplace Betazed

Vice Admiral John Sterrett is currently serving as the Commanding Officer of Starfleet Sciences and Technologies (SST).


  • Height: 5'4"
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Blue


Born in the Federation Embassy on Betazoid, John spent the first years of his life growing up among the betazoid people. His father, George, served as the liaison to the Federation Environment Commission until he was eight. Through that time, John had grown fascinated with the telepathic ability and how the Betazoid used it to calm tensions and work through diplomatic encounters.

He spent the rest of his growing up years aboard the USS Roanoke and when he turned eighteen, he submitted his application to Starfleet and was accepted. Graduating with a degree in counseling, John found himself posted to the USS Robinson for six years where he attained the rank of Lieutenant. John requested a transfer and was re-stationed to the USS Oracle, a Bradbury Class starship, as the Chief Counselor. There he remained until seven years later.

The Oracle came under a surprise attack that killed the majority of the bridge crew including the captain and first officer. A Klingon bird of prey, being commanded by a renegade, attempted to take the Oracle, but Sterrett lead the resistance that repelled the boarders and subsequent crippled the Klingon ship. Because of his actions, Starfleet Command choice to leave him in charge of the ship and re-stationed him to the Romulan nuetral zone for exploration duty.

Captain Sterrett remained in command of the USS Oracle for ten years before promoted to the rank of Fleet Captain and placed in command of the research outpost, Starbase 1832. With no desire to really command a ship anymore as he still dealt with the nightmares of the Klingon attack, he spoke with a friend of his in the Fleet Admiralty's office of Starfleet and was transferred to Starbase 20 and promoted to Commodore. This began his career of commanding a desk where he went from Director of Veteran Affairs to finally Director of Starfleet Sciences and Technologies. He felt lucky to be also promoted reaching the rank of Vice Admiral.


John would not consider himself a brave man, but would never turn away or shirk his duty to his crew-mates or ship. After the Klingon raid on his ship, he lost the desire to be out in space, which finally led to him seeking a desk job in the admin chain of Starfleet. He always felt that he was a cautious man, preferably facing the task of subduing hundreds of starfleet regulations and making sure that funding went to where it was needed and earned. Though he loved his ship, the Oracle, he would never trade his present officer for a center seat.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Ensign 234902.11 - 234912.22 USS Robinson Counselor
Lieutenant JG 234912.11 - 235205.19
Lieutenant 235205.19 - 235511.26
Lieutenant 235511.26 - 235910.21 USS Oracle Chief Counselor
Lieutenant Commander 235910.21 - 236301.30
Commander 236301.30 - 236310.10 Commanding Officer
Captain 236310.10 - 237301.01
Fleet Captain 237301.01 - 237510.10 Starbase 1832
Commodore 237510.10 - 238011.10 Starbase 20 Department of Veteran Affairs
Rear Admiral 238011.10 - 238505.05 Starbase 12 Deputy Director (S.S.T.)
Vice Admiral 238505.05 - Present Director of S.S.T.

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