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USS Victory
Intrepid Class

Stephen Carmody

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Science Officer
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Race: Terran

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Lieutenant Commander Stephen Carmody is the current Chief Science Officer aboard USS Ursa Major.



  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight:
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Handedness: Right


  • Fiancé: Lt. Susan Banks
  • Children: none
  • Parents:
    • Mother: Amelia Jean Carmody
    • Father: William Kevin Carmody
  • Siblings: Margaret Laura Carmody

Personal History

Stephen Carmody is the older child of WilliamCarmody, a Cultural Anthropologist teaching at Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales, UK, Earth. He is also a civilian advisor in cultures to StarFleet. His mother, Jean, is the Steven Pinker Linguistics Professor at Cardiff University. She has done extensive work on the Universal Language Matrix, which is used by StarFleet in its Universal Translating Processes.

Stephen was a bright child, taking easily after both parents, and exhibits an astonishing talent for the precise interpretation of alien languages. Unlike many talented people, however, Stephen exhibits an eclectic range of abilities: he has interests in English Romantic Period poetry, especially Coleridge, he has mastered the art of French cooking, is an outstanding chess player, and survived for a year in an ice cave on Exo III with his sister Maggie, living on what he could catch to eat. He is a top-flight survivalist, and has abilities with both hand-to-hand combat and with a variety of weapons.

In his 18th year, he was accompanying his mother, Jean, at a Linguistic conference in London. During this time, his best friend, Bryn Llanwyd, was killed in a barroom altercation in Glasgow. When Stephen attempted to learn the truth behind this tragedy, he was stonewalled by a police and government cover-up that deeply puzzled him and haunts him to this day. He feels extreme guilt about his friend's death, believing that if he had remained in Cardiff, his friend would be still living. The guilt has warped his personality somewhat: he is extremely ill-at-ease in social situations, has no close friends, and prefers solitude to social company.

He is a good friend, when he has one, is normally outgoing enough, is extremely loyal to those he cares about, but is frighteningly unstable at times.

Duty History

  • Ensign: 238309.07
  • Lieutenant JG: 238312.07
  • Lieutenant: 238405.19
  • Lt. Commander: 238412.03


  • Purple Star: 238501.18 - Given to an officer who shows extreme courage to finish a task/mission after having become injured.


  • Karl Skratt
  • Linville Klink

Groups: Ursa Major