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Stellar Breeze

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The Sherimar were a once powerful race of interstellar traders and merchants. They will always be remembered for this, and for the grandiose scale on which they built. The J-53 model was the largest cargo vessel in their fleet, and its unique design made it recognizable on sight. The main hull of the J-53 is best described as a hollow cylinder. Placed in a horizontal position, the "walls" of the cylinder are 100 meters thick, providing the compartments of the ship itself. The remaining 400 meters on the inside of the cylinder house the engineering section and the propulsion systems (roughly 200 meters in diameter), connected to the main hull by a series of support struts (100 meters in length), which run almost the length of the cylinder. Cargo was loaded and off-loaded within the dozen bays near the aft of the main hull, accessed from the inside of the "hollow." Token weaponry was added to the vessel to help clear obstacles from its path. It was no match for pirates or marauders. About twenty years after the J-53 was first seen in the Par'tha Expanse, the Sherimar disappeared, never to ply the tradelanes again.

The Stellar Breeze is the last known J-53 in the Par'tha Expanse. It was apparently discovered adrift, abandoned, near the Rintani Nebula approximately 80 years ago by a small salvage corporation. It was quickly purchased by D'Taeon Maliin, and after extensive renovations was presented to the Freeworlds Region as a luxury liner. Within two years it was the most popular tourist attraction in the expanse, attracting the rich and famous from lightyears away. The already exceedingly wealthy Maliin only added to his sizeable fortune. The Stellar Breeze still runs today, completing its circuit and taking on new passengers every eight days. Two days out of Illara Prime, it spends the entire third day at Miralon, and then heads out to see the Rintani Nebula. The sixth day, starting the return journey, it passes through the Atuhni Star Showers. It returns to Illara Prime on the eighth day to take on new passengers. Taking a cruise on the Stellar Breeze has become something of a status symbol.

  • Class: J-53
  • Type: converted Freighter
  • Production Base:
    • unknown
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: approx. 1000 meters
    • Beam: approx. 600 meters
    • Height: approx. 600 meters
  • Specifications:
    • Crew: 2500
    • Passengers: 300,000
    • Speed:
      • Cruising: warp 8
      • Emergency: warp 8.97