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===Security/Tactical Department===
===Security/Tactical Department===
[[Category:USS Steadfast-A]]
[[Category:USS Steadfast-A|NPC]]
[[Category:Steadfast-A NPCs]]
[[Category:Steadfast-A NPCs|*]]

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Command Division



  • Branson, Lindsay - Logistic/Supply
    • Petty Officer, 1st Class
    • Terran female (twin)
  • Branson, Lauren - Diplomatic Operations
    • Petty Officer, 1st Class
    • Terran female (twin)
  • Yaz - Yeoman
    • Crewman, 1st Class
    • Bolian male

Science Division

Science Department

Medical Department

Counseling Department

Operations Division

Engineering Department

  • Carter, Sonia - Transporter Chief
    • Chief Petty Officer
    • Terran female

Operations/Flight Control Department

Security/Tactical Department