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![[Imperial Vessel Register]] &#149; [[Imperial Roster]]
![[Imperial Vessel Register]] [[Imperial Roster]]

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Welcome to the Empire: Starkiller Base 118 Wiki!

Empire: Starkiller Base 118 is a Star Wars-themed role-playing game community, using the creative efforts of our members to generate a unique continuation of the Star Wars universe. Founded in 1994 originally as a Star Trek RPG group, we are one of the longest established online role-playing communities.

Here at the wiki, we have been building since March 2004 a collaborative source for all knowledge about our Star Wars universe. We could use your help! In the spirit of wikis, feel free to create, add to, or edit any page on the wiki. You don't need anyone else's permission as long as your contributions are not redundant, but are positive and constructive. If you want to play around, try out the sandbox.

Imperial Vessel RegisterImperial Roster
Starkiller Base 118 Fleet Featured Bio
ImperialSD-icon.png Starkiller Base 118 Ops VictorySD-icon.png Embassy of Dantooine ImperialSD-icon.png Dictator
VictorySD-icon.png Destroyer VictorySD-icon.png Devastator ImperialSD-icon.png Tarkin
Executor-icon.png Unconquerable Immobilizer-icon.png Aggressor
Academy Training Vessel
VictorySD-icon.png Imperial Vessel Register
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Antero Flynn
Starkiller Base 118
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