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Ensign Traven Stark, a Terran, is currently a science officer aboard the USS Independence-A.


  • Full Name: Traven Gene Stark
  • Current Rank: Ensign
  • Race: Terran
  • Date of Birth: 236307.02
  • Place of Birth: Las Vegas, Nevada, Earth
  • Gender: male


  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 168 lbs
  • Build: Athletic
  • Hair Color: Light Brown
  • Eye Color: Hazel


  • Spouse: none
  • Children: none
  • Parents
    • Father: Gene Randall Stark
    • Mother: Wilma Louise Stark
  • Siblings: Paul Norman Stark, Travis Daniel Stark(deceased)
  • Dog: Joe


Traven Gene Stark is a human male born in Las Vegas, Nevada, Earth, Terran System. At age two his father was involved in a business deal with some Ferengi Traders. It proved to be a very lucrative endeavor for his family. When it was completed his father packed up the family and moved to Pismo Beach, California on Earth. They were set up in a very nice home and began to live a life of luxury. So Traven was placed in the best schooling available in the area. He excelled quickly and showed to be a very promising young man. However Traven proved over time that he had a hard time being completely successful at the interests he pursued. When he was five he watched a music concert and decided he would play guitar and be a star. He began gaining skill and playing well. But then, he learned of sports. Namely and old Earth game called football. Largely forgotten by most, there was still a small inter world league for young boys. So he became an accomplished athlete.

Unfortunately, Traven suffered a knee injury two years later. Even though the doctors easily repaired the damage, Traven said it just never felt the same. So he quit. Some say Procrastination, some say laziness. But this kind of behavior, going from one hobby or interest to another, went on for most of his younger days.

But when he was sixteen years old he met a teacher, Professor Malcom Yuirdriss, who changed all that. Seeing that Traven's was an untapped mind he introduced the boy to research. Surely science was not foreign to Traven. But adding in the element of mystery. Specifically the art of solving the mystery, sparked the flames of Traven's curiosity. He began to focus on nothing but his education and learning. Spending his off time in research with his professor. In his final year of high school Traven produced a project in which he created a substance that made the skin, through innoculation, temporarily resistant to UV and other radiations. He submitted it to University in order to try to win a prominent position and scholarship. However, his research caught the eye of some of the members of The Starfleet Science Academy. They paid Traven a visit and tried to recruit him to join. Unsure, he put Starfleet on hold and continued his research. After six months he realized that throughStarfleet's facilities and resources he could do perhaps some of the most innovative research ever attempted. His dropped everything and joined.

Academy days proved a little more difficult for Traven. Starships, protocal and social interaction were skills he had little need for in Pismo Beach on a surf board. But he found that all of those gave him some clarity and sense of purpose that he lacked. So he worked hard and soon he was graduating from the academy. A successful tenure marked with a few awards in the sciences and a dabbling in Academy sports.

Traven is currently serving aboard The USS Independence-A where he hopes to begin a grand Star Fleet career.

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