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Are you on a trek to find your number one? Then download Starflirt[1] to your PADD! Connect with other singles in Starfleet from all quadrants of the galaxy.

Add your profile to the database below to begin seeking out new life, and boldly going where no one has gone before.

Idea?: subscribe to StarflirtGPL where our premium interspecies romance coordinators verify biochemical comparability to ensure no unexpected rashes, lizards or pregnancies

Current Flirters

Example Profile:

Photo Flirter Status Likes Dislikes Looking For
Gertrude Kettleworth.png
Gertrude Kettleworth
Single and Looking
Talking, young officers, loud noises, and socializing
Someone I can read, like a good book.

Current Flirters:

Photo Flirter Status Likes Dislikes Looking For
Portrait-IsKah white dress.png
Married, but looking for friends
Books, Engineering, steamy holo-novels, exploring her trill heritage
Flying in a shuttle
The logical partner
Photo Flirter Status Likes Dislikes Looking For
Sil-Picard Uniform.png
Cooking and a lot more
Feeling lonely
Looking for a future "plutonic" relationship. As in Pluto and not Plato (Or someone who understood, liked and/or is curious about this)
Photo Flirter Status Likes Dislikes Looking For
Acording to the bio it likes the stars in the sky or some romantic thing (not really sure)
(Still working on it, and no, I am not making this as a fake profile, just helping a friend)
Someone with a spark because it "dreams of ever more efficient sources of energy. Also someone with a funny bone. Or bones... Than again maybe not...