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Starfleet Medical Record for Jansen Orrey

Crew of the USS Veritas


Lieutenant Commander Jansen Orrey


Starfleet Medical Record For Jansen Orrey


Treated and released as a dependant/surviving family member of Captain Jackson Orrey, after the USS Ares was salvaged. Medical examiner notes an injury to left leg that the patient refuses to have repaired. Will monitor progress and may force treatment. On a personal side note, I have known Jansen for most of his life, and I can see a pain in him that I don’t think is anywhere near my realm of treatment and have insisted that he visit the station Counselor.

Dr. Regulus Ritellian [Chief Medical Officer] (Starbase 10)


Despite earlier diagnoses Mr. Orrey has almost completely regained full mobility in his leg. He still refuses treatment to completely repair the damage and begins to show signs of weakness after extended periods (4+ hours)) of movement without rest of some kind. However after just a few moments of sitting he is once again able to move about normally. My concern is still more for his mental health then the physical area. However the Counselor seems to be satisfied that he has suffered and gotten over what he has seen to allow him freedom, rather then have him under observation, so I may merely be worrying over a friends child.

Dr. Regulus Ritellian [Chief Medical Officer] (Starbase 10)


Medical School Preliminary Physical Examination for incoming student Jansen Orrey. Subject healthy. Noted damage to left hip and thigh refereing to an exsisting file from the Starfleet Medical Database from his youth, I can report that he is comfortable with the injury and it will not cause him problems as a student here. A persistant limp due to sharpnel and nerve damage, I cannot quite understand the pattern of damage but he refuses to go into detail of it. I fully clear him medically for a begin to his medical studies.

Dr. Milton Johnson (Earth)


I am almost as sad as I am happy to fill out this paperwork. During his tenure here Mr…ah Dr. Orrey has been both a dutiful student and a royal pestering pain. I am happy to say he is cleared of all possible illnesses he could have picked up here and is perfectly ready to go right to work practicing medicine. I am confident in his personal diagnoses on his injured leg. Beyond that I have nothing to add. His leg is troubling but he doesn’t seem to mind it that much so I can clear him for graduation and a full healthy life.

Dr. Milton Johnson (Earth)