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Medicine Department

The study of medical practices.

Courses highlighted in bold green are Academy Core Courses.

  • MED101: First Aid and Field Medicine
    • Introductory course on emergency medical practices.
  • MED111: Bedside Manner
    • Focuses on a holistic healing approach to medicine, and a better understanding of the effect of a healer's demeanor on the patient.
  • MED150: Medical Ethics
    • An introduction to basic ethical theory and its application to confidentiality, the doctor/patient relationship, medical experimentation and research, informed consent, treatment decisions for the seriously ill, and conflicts of culture in medical practice.
  • MED175: Epidemiology and Medical Statistics
    • An overview of basic epidemiological concepts needed to critical analyze scientific and medical research.
  • MED201: Clinical Fundamentals
    • An introduction to clinical practice, evidence-based medicine, and differential diagnosis.
  • MED202: Diagnosis, Major Species
    • Establishes an understanding of a given Major Species' states of illness or disease and the art of recognizing possible cures.
  • MED203: Diagnosis, Minor Species
    • Establishes an understanding of a given Minor Species' states of illness or disease and the art of recognizing possible cures.
  • MED211: Pharmacology 1
    • Introduction to the composition, uses, and effects of drugs.
  • MED212: Pharmacology 2
    • Advanced course on drugs and their uses in a medical setting for both Major and Minor species.
  • MED301: Surgery, Major Humanoid Species
    • Advanced course on surgical procedures for Major humanoid species and post-operative care.
  • MED302: Surgery, Non-Humanoid Species
    • Introduction to surgical procedures for non-humanoid species and post-operative care.

Clincal Rotations

  • MED600: Internal Medicine
  • MED610: General Practice
  • MED620: General Surgery
  • MED630: Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • MED640: Pediatrics
  • MED650: Psychiatry & Mental Health
  • MED660: Medical Specialties
  • MED670: Surgical Specialties
  • MED680: Critical Care
  • MED690: Aerospace Medicine
  • MED701: Clinical Elective 1
    • Opportunity for medical students to spend more time in their area of interest.
  • MED702: Clinical Elective 2

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