Starfleet Journal of Arts & Sciences

The Starfleet Journal of Arts & Sciences (SJAS), is a quarterly peer-reviewed science research journal published by Starfleet Sciences & Technologies to inform both Starfleet officers across the fleet and their civilian research colleagues of the latest developments coming out of the various natural and social sciences, as well as studies in xenology, mathematics, languages, history, sex & gender studies, sociology, anthropology & archaeology and urban studies.

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pro scientia atque sapientia

While part of the focus is on "hard science," the SJAS regularly publishes spreads of photography and artistic representations accompanying articles. This includes personal essays of discovery and observation among other cultures, artworks and documentation of archaeological finds and more. Many Terrans have called the journal a spiritual successor to old world Earth's National Geographic, with comparisons also made to various alien analogs. The visual appeal of the journal is what endears it most to many civilians.

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