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For historical SB118 references, please visit Black Tower/Intel.

After the closure of the USS Albion, Intelligence operations within the SB118 Fleet were regulated to the individual ships within the Fleet without a centralized Division. This was mandated after certain practices and procedures led to the demise of both the Albion and the Tower.

SFI as it exists today lies within the discretion of the ship’s CO, and not as a centralized body. Commanding Officers hold the guidelines of how Intelligence interfaces with the UFOP, and not often with a governing guideline that allows for uniformity between ship sims. The reason is throughout both time and experience, several simmers demonstrated a destructive nature to handling the position which eventually removed it as an option (as more often than not, abuse of the position led to the premature closure of plots).

There are established rules and procedures on the query of performing in the capacity of Starfleet Intelligence, which are outlined as follows:

  • Obtaining Permission from your CO
    • This does not come without a price. As you will learn, if you seek permission, it is not a department and as dictated by the EC, it will not be a primary position for a PC (Player Character).
  • Strict Guidelines
    • In this capacity, it is limited as at no time can a simmer act on information that was obtained OOC in IC.
    • One cannot act solely in the capacity of Intelligence. A character's duty post will still be one of the charter mains.