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For more information on Starfleet Academy, see About Starfleet Academy.

Welcome to Starfleet Academy

All Starfleet officers must attend Starfleet Academy and complete a minimum four year training program. Cadets at any Starfleet Academy campus have choices when they're compiling their courseload and choosing their focus.

Most cadets enter the Academy at age 18. The Academy adds four years to that, plus one year for each Cadet Cruise taken (if any). Those who wish to pursue a career in command can add two more years of specialized command training. The Academy's main campus is located in San Francisco, Earth. Additional campuses are spread across the Federation. There are also several other training sites in sector 001, including a flight training area near Saturn's orbit.

All students who apply must have a certain level of education prior to admission. This includes being able to speak, read, and write Federation Standard, and having good mathematics skill. However, admission to Starfleet Academy is very competitive, with only a limited number of spaces available for prospective cadets. Students may wish to have already studied a variety of subjects in order to increase their chances of acceptance.

After admission, cadets begin the standard four-year program to train for their roles in Starfleet. During the first two years at the Academy, cadets gain a solid background in the skills important to all Starfleet officers in the Academy's General Studies program.

To be considered for positions aboard prestigious vessels such as the Enterprise, a cadet's academic performance must be exemplary. Honors graduates are among the first considered for positions aboard those vessels. The class valedictorian and salutatorian each may choose their station assignment, making these graduates the most highly prized.


To compile a curriculum, you can begin by reviewing the sections below:


This area is completely In Character (IC) and does not dictate any part of your real training to become a part of our group, which you can learn about more in the Cadet Orientation. Neither is there any area of our website where you can actually take any of the courses listed here. Compiling a list of courses your character has taken is completely optional, and we have created these course listings, descriptions, and majors/minors for those who wish to fill out their character bios more completely.

Transcripts: Examples of completed transcripts can be found here. You can use the Academy Transcript template to create your own transcript for your character.

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