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Located on an island in the center of the Commercial Sector of Starbase 118, Trinity City is a hub of art, culture, and civilian administration. Much of the commercial district transportation runs through this area as well, ensuring that locations here are highly prized, though less so than those of The Promenade. Shops and businesses within Trinity City tend more toward a general appeal.

Notable Locations

  • The Chamber
  • Trinity Country Club
  • City Hall
  • New Times Square
  • Emergency Operations Center

Shops and Businesses

  • Captured Moments: A portrait studio that utilizes real film cameras.
  • Bayside Dog Grooming and Care: Dog grooming boutique and boarding.
  • Hook, Line & Sinker: Seafood Restaurant with to die for cheesy biscuits.
  • Sohla: A high-class restaurant known for its privacy and skilled Andorian chef.

Other Locations

  • Mayoral Estate
  • Holo-Matrix Support


See The Island for information on the area before it was expanded and revamped during the Commercial Sector reconstruction in 2394.

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