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Delta Company, also known as the "Archangels" are the Search and Rescue arm of Starbase 118. Responding to calls from Starbase 118's jurisdiction, Trinity, Serrelan and Jenatris cloud sectors.

The squadron is made up of Marines who have received specialized training, such as combat engineer training and field medicine training. Although assistance from Starfleet personnel may be asked for in times of need.

For more information on Search and Rescue Teams, please see Starfleet Search and Rescue.

"Archangels" Search and Rescue Squadron Roster

Insignia Rank Character Name Current Post Player
M04-Mjr-Green.jpg Major Ishreth Dal Company Commander, SAR PNPC (Taybrim)
ME6-SSgt-Green.jpg Staff Sgt. Willems Combat Engineer, SAR PNPC (Dubeau)
ME5-Sgt-Green.jpg Marine Sgt Thompson Pilot, SAR PNPC (Dubeau)
ME4-Cpl-Green.jpg Corporal Tarmal Combat Engineer, SAR PNPC (Dubeau)
ME4-Cpl-Green.jpg Corporal Jones Combat Medic, SAR PNPC (Dubeau)
ME4-Cpl-Green.jpg Corporal Chang Pilot, SAR PNPC (Dubeau)
ME2-Pvt1st-Green.jpg Private First Class Norvan Combat Medic, SAR PNPC (Dubeau)

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