Starbase 118 San Francisco District

Named after the city in with the United Federation of planets was founded, this district is connected to the Shi'Kahr District by a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge on one side. On the other it is bordered by the Hong Kong Sub-district which leads into the Mak'ala District of the Starbase.

The area is dotted with sports stadiums, concert arenas, jazz bars, night clubs, and theaters. The architecture is an eclectic mix, with portions of it inspired by the Earth city of New Orleans, and other areas intermixing the styles of dozens of worlds.

Notable Locations

  • Starbase 118 Seahawks Baseball Stadium
  • The Golden Gate Bridge Replica
  • Neo-Broadway Theater
  • Federation Park
  • Gov's Bakery
  • St Pauls Cathedral (New Orleans Style)

Shops and Businesses

Other Locations


San Francisco is one of the original districts for Starbase 118. It was reduced in size after the reconstruction that occurred following Chennel's attack on the station in 2394, to make space for the Mak'ala and Hong Kong areas. The Golden Gate Bridge replica was also moved during this reconstruction, as it had originally connected to the Ashalla District.

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