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Named in honor of the Risian homeworld, this sub-district is connected to the Mak'ala District by several bridges. Much like its namesake, the area is filled with beaches, clubs, restaurants, and even some small resorts.

Notable Locations

  • Freedom Beach: A lovely beach that offers a wide selection of Hor'ghans and blankets for those seeking to participate in Jamaharon.
  • Relaxation Shoppe: Owned by an Edo named Nyra Annilor, this shop specializes in herbal teas, therapeutic massage and relaxation therapy for singles and couples. It is known as a good place to connect and find a romantic partner.

Shops and Businesses

Other Locations

  • Antero Flynn's Home
  • Baylen Anders Beach Front Bungalow


Established around the location of the long-standing Cabo Breeze bar, Little Risa has existed in some fashion for years. As part of the 2394 reconstruction the area was expanded, taking over some of the area once themed as the New Orleans portion of the San Francisco District, while the San Francisco District itself was nearly halved in size to make space for the Mak'ala District.

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Upper Dome

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