Starbase 118, Deck 55, James' Office

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Crew of Deep Space 285


Lt. Commander James

Located near the docking port for the USS Victory, is James' Office. More properly it is the Assistant Chief Engineering Officer's Office, although it may be even more proper to say that it a disused umbilical. After his promotion to ACE and his subsequent agreement with Lt. Pandora to take charge of 'ships' while she focused on the 'station', James asked for its conversion to a base of operations for him. As a result its furnishing is very spartan, with only a desk and three chairs, one in front of the desk the other two behind. Perhaps to compensate, the chairs are however exceptionally comfy. On the desk is usually a tray with the top 10 cold beverages enjoyed by federation citizens, according to an independent study James had found in the Stations Library System.

The desk contains two trays, one marked In and the other Out, in which paperwork can be placed. Understandable as the room is essentially only used as a temporary storage centre for paperwork.

One excellent side affect of this, however, is that James can usually get peace while in there. Due to it not 'officially' being listed as his office and the fact that the only external sign of its existence being a small sign outside of the door, few know exactly where it is. Unfortunately, those few are also the people who deliver the paperwork to him.