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The story of the 24th century continues...

The universe and timeline of StarBase 118 PBEM RPG is a continuation of the "prime" Star Trek universe (i.e., the universe seen in the various television series as well as the first ten films, The Motion Picture through Nemesis). The more recent Trek films that take place in an alternate reality created by Nero's trip into the past also reveal major developments to the prime universe that are recognized in our game's universe such as the destruction of Romulus and Remus.

Although Star Trek Online is also set in the prime universe and has a detailed timeline of its own called "The Pathway to 2409" that lays out events from right after Nemesis (2379) to when that game is set (2409), we do not recognize every event in that timeline as also having occurred in our interpretation of the prime universe.

That said, some elements of the STO universe have begun appearing in "118 canon" such as various ship classes and the Klingon Invasion of 2389 into Romulan space. If there's an event or idea you want to introduce into our universe, talk to your CO and command staff to suggest it as a mission!

What is Star Trek?

New to the world of Star Trek? Get an overview of this pop cultural phenomenon in our special feature, Star Trek: An Introduction.

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Stardates and the Current Year

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Star Trek:
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USS Titan launched.
Star Trek Nemesis
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Current Year
StarBase 118 PBEM RPG

Founded in 1994, StarBase 118 PBEM RPG has continued in real-time since the release of Star Trek Nemesis in 2002. Just as it has been 22 years since that movie's release, so too has it been 22 years "in character" (IC) since 2379, when Nemesis was set. Thus, the current year in our game is 2401.

Stardates are treated as "(IC year)+(the current month).(the current date)" (i.e., "Captain's Log, Stardate YYYYMM.DD"). Today is stardate 240107.19.

Notable StarBase 118 Universe Developments

The UFOP: Timeline lists the major events that have occurred in the 24th century, some seen or mentioned in canon and others exclusive to our game, to show how everything ultimately fits together. In addition to the comprehensive listings for each decade within the timeline, a brief overview of major changes or new additions to the "prime" universe in our game is included below:

2373 Yolanda Wars: An act of espionage by the Romulans launched the Yolanda Wars. With the the Dominion War also beginning around this time, Starfleet and the Romulans signed a peace treaty the following year. The Romulans continued to stay out of the war with the Dominion until later in 2374 when a prominent Romulan senator, returning with evidence that the Dominion had been planning for an invasion of the Romulan Star Empire, was believed to have been assassinated by the Dominion.
Through a joint effort with Starfleet Intelligence and StarBase 118 Operations, the powerful Orion Syndicate was finally eliminated.
2380 The Demise of the Orion Syndicate: After a series of set backs and infiltrations since the mid-2370s, the infamous Orion Syndicate was extinguished through the combined efforts of Starfleet Intelligence, StarBase 118 Ops and SB118 Fleet officers. A decade later, however, various unscrupulous organizations and figures have begun filling the void left by the Syndicate's collapse, with some attempting to resurrect the Syndicate itself.
2381 Establishment of the Duronis II Embassy: Duronis II Embassy was established two years after the the Laudeans of Til’ahn discovered warp drive.
Terrorist Attacks in the Haliian System: A group of terrorists operating in the Haliian system bombed several cities, attempting to persuade planets on the outskirts of the Federation to declare independence.
2383 Gorn Conflict of 2383: The Federation's increasing presence in the Eratis System led to conflict with the Gorn Hegemony and ultimately the Battle of Eratis and the Gorn Conflict of 2383.
2387 Vaadwaur Invasion of 2387: The Second Battle of Eratis concluded with the capture of Deep Space 17 by the Vaadwaur. The Vaadwaur Occupation lasted until Operation Bright Star, when the station was finally liberated by Starfleet on SD 238709.19.
In 2387, the Vaadwaur captured DS17. In response, Starfleet executed Operation Bright Star to recapture the station.
Romulus and Remus Destroyed: The Hobus supernova destroyed the Romulan homeworlds of Romulus and Remus.
2388 Tragedy on Betazed: The USS Constitution-B was hijacked by Armeni, a psychotic, Betazoid felon, and used to destroy the Betazoid city of Ohmallera, killing 1.2 million people.
Bajor becomes a Federation Member: Bajor became the newest member of the Federation, although the tumultuous events surrounding its membership became known as the Battle for Bajor.
In 2388, Bajor was welcomed into the Federation as a member.
2389 Klingon Invasion of 2389: The Klingons invaded the Romulan Star Empire.
2390 Gateway Crisis of 2390: The aftermath of the Hobus supernova was still felt at the dawn of the new decade as the ancient Iconian gateways were reactivated across the galaxy in what became known as the Gateway Crisis of 2390.
2391 Maquis Reborn: A domestic terrorist group calling itself the Maquis Reborn, led by Nikael Kalre, makes itself known to Starfleet and the Federation in an attack on Deep Space 10.
A catastrophic accident on Prometheus Station launches the Prometheus Incident.
2392 The Prometheus Incident: An accident aboard the Prometheus Station triggers the opening of massive rifts in subspace, leading to the greatest threat to the Alpha Quadrant since the Dominion War.
2394 The War of Shadows: Thought vanquished over a decade ago, the Orion Syndicate returns with a vengeance.
2396 Warp XV Development: The Development of the Warp XV Engine took several years and has grown to encompass multiple ships, crews, and characters in the furthest corners of the fleet. The development has and will continue to have pitfalls as the engine is fine-tuned, put through its paces, and becomes more widespread.
2396-7 Project Capstone: The Warp XV Development culminated with Project Capstone, the design and shakedown cruise of the USS Juneau, Starfleet's first starship to incorporate the new engine from launch.

New Worlds on the Frontier

See also Campaign Regions

There's still plenty of uncharted regions left in the Star Trek universe and even new things to discover about familiar sights and locations. Each of our vessels operates in a unique campaign region, from the far off corners of the Zeta Gelis Region and the Menthar Corridor to the diverse civilizations of the Ithassa Region.

USS Juneau NX-99801 Juneau class Juneau-scale.png Denali Station Denali-Station-logo.png
USS Gorkon NCC-82293 Sovereign class Sovereign-scale.png Tyrellian Sector USS Gorkon-logo.png
USS Constitution-B NCC-9012-B Galaxy class Galaxy refit-scale.png Talos Sector USS Constitution-logo.png
USS Astraeus NCC-70652 Galaxy class Astraeus refit-scale.PNG Par'tha Expanse USS Astraeus-logo.png
USS Octavia E Butler NCC-82850 Sagan class Sagan-scale.png Gamma Quadrant USS Octavia E Butler-logo.png
USS Narendra NCC-26595 Ambassador class Ambassador-scale.png Starbase 118 Starbase 118 Ops-logo.png
USS Ronin NCC-34523 Akira class Akira-scale.png Alpha Isles USS Ronin-logo.png
USS Artemis-A NCC-81287 Luna class Luna-scale.png The Borderlands USS ArtemisA-logo.png
USS Khitomer NCC-62400 New Orleans II class New Orleans II Scale.png Alpha Isles USS Khitomer-logo.png
USS Independence-B NCC-1776-B Defiant class Defiant-scale.png Amity Outpost Amity-Outpost-logo.png
USS Centris-A NCC-72912 Nova class Nova-scale.png Training Vessel USS-CentrisA-logo.png
Ship Profiles by Tim Davies. Used with permission.

New Life and New Civilizations

See also Intelligent Lifeform Index

The StarBase 118 universe is richly populated by both familiar Trek favorites such as the Vulcans, Trill, and Andorians as well as newly introduced species encountered by our ships such as the Laudeans and the Kubarey. Numerous other species that were only mentioned offhand onscreen such as the Dokkarans and the Rodulans have also been fleshed out in our universe.

Breya Trell.jpg

Check out the Intelligent Lifeform Index for the complete listing of sentient species encountered in our universe and be sure to look over the 200+ permitted species you can choose from for your character!


Starfleet Equipment for the 2390s

See also Starfleet Equipment & Devices

As it has been over a decade since we last saw the latest Starfleet equipment, we can assume Starfleet R&D has diligently released newer models of various familiar Trek hallmarks such as personal phasers, tricorder, and communicators, or at the very least, continued to use the updated equipment introduced in Nemesis.

In addition, major fleet operations within our game such as Operation Bright Star have also spurred the development of new equipment such as the Type 33 CQC phaser rifle, and those who play engineering characters can join the StarBase 118 Division of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers to work on projects to introduce new technologies such as the External Auditory Receptor System (EARS) into our game.

Uniforms and Combadges

Most avatars you will see across the fleet have adopted the Starfleet uniforms first introduced in Star Trek: First Contact and last seen in Nemesis. Onscreen, we also saw this uniform still used in 2390 in the Voyager episode "Timeless."

Although this version of the future was ultimately prevented from happening in the course of the episode, because we have seen the double-barred combadge design consistently throughout "future timeline" episodes, from "All Good Things..." (TNG) to "The Visitor" (DS9) and "Endgame" (VOY), it would seem this combadge was destined to be deployed by Starfleet. With our game now passing the events of even the alternate future seen in "Timeless," the new combadge design is now showing up across our fleet gradually. Since 2395, some starships have also begun authorizing use of the uniforms seen in "All Good Things" and other episodes that showed the "future" Starfleet.

Duty Posts

See also Duty Post Responsibilities

In our game, you are not just limited to the duty posts you saw in the shows and movies. We also have intelligence officers, diplomats, and even a full contingent of Marines on some vessels. There are also players who choose to write for civilians, exploring aspects of 24th century life we often didn't get to see onscreen. Check out our full overview of the various duty posts available for you to play!

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