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The Strategic Operations Department (STRAT-OPS) of StarBase 118 is tasked with preparing starbase and starships in the Trinity-Serellen Defense Fleet for the outbreak of conflict. The department liaises with Starfleet Command and allied commands to obtain strategic and tactical data, handling logistical matters and fleet deployments. Its officers are also responsible for coordinating all Starfleet and allied assets within the Trinity Sector, the Serellen Sector and the Jenatris Cloud Sector.

The Strategic Operations officer is part of the command staff aboard Federation starbases and other Starfleet installations or vessels, especially during wartime. The duties of the Strategic Operations officer include preparing the ship or station for the outbreak of conflict, liaising with Starfleet Command allied commands to obtain strategic and tactical data, handling logistical matters, summarizing intelligence reports for fellow officers, and similar functions. The Strategic Operations officer can also double as intelligence officer if none is assigned. The Strategic Operations department acts as an advisory to the command staff, responsible for coordinating all Starfleet and allied assets within their designated area of space, as well as tactical analysis (in the absence of a dedicated tactical department) and intelligence gathering (in the absence of a dedicated intelligence department).

The Strategic Operations Officer is a post held by Lieutenant Commander Ian Lane West on Star Base 118 and the USS Albion... As the strategic operations officer, West reports directly to Star Base 118 commander, Commander Leo Handley-Page. West's primary duty as strategic operations officer is to coordinate all Starfleet activity within the sectors, of which Star Base 118 is a part.

Tower 3 Decks

  • 25: Starlight Observation Doom and Banquet Center
  • 18-24: Strategic Operations Quarters
  • 17: Ian West's Quarters, Strategic Operations Command Quarters
  • 16: Hanger Bay (Two Arrow Class Runabouts) Flight Offices
  • 15: Personnel Resources Department
  • 14: Diplomatic liaison auxiliary offices
  • 13: Auditing Department, Strategic Intel Labs 1-4
  • 12: Water Mane Lounge, Cafeteria, Chief Strategic Operations Officer Dinning Room, Gym, and Trinity Daycare
  • 11: Strategic Operations Team Room
  • 8-10: The "Center"
  • 7: Tropical Arboretum/Organic garden
  • 6: Conference rooms 1-3
  • 5: Information management department, Starfleet liaison department, emergency routing-support department
  • 4: Conference Rooms 4-6
  • 3: Communications management department, Fleet Operations Support Center
  • 2: Wellness Center & sickbay
  • 1: Lobby, security, holding cells/mini brig

Assignment and jurisdiction

The starbase can have hundreds of starships and installations under its jurisdiction at any given time. STRAT-OPS primary duties are to coordinate all Starfleet activity within the sectors, especially in times of war, coordinating closely with StarBase 118's intelligence and tactical divisions, as well as Fleet Operations.

Administrative location

The primary administrative location for STRAT-OPS is Command Tower 3, located in the Command Towers area of StarBase 118. It is referred to as "Strategic Operations Command" (STRAT-OPS COM).

The Strategic Operations Department is nothing if not impressive. Most activity takes place in the StratOps Control Center, otherwise known as "the center" to its main occupants.

Strategic Operations Control Center

The Strategic Operations Control Center, or "the Center", is housed in a large edifice that encompasses three of the fifteen utilized decks by StratOps in tower three. It includes numerous, contiguous gesture interfaces (HMI), and interactive holographic kiosks around the massive circular area. Using these technologies, input devices and touch screens are not needed. Surfaces can be transparent or with a simple vocal or gestured command, transformed into a one-way open interface. The location of every Starfleet and allied vessel and installation is detailed, updates occurring instantaneously. Officers merely need to use hand gestures to open and close files, merge and link data, and drag information from one interface to another. Gesture commands are preferred over vocal commands, as the Center is busy, dozens of officers operating within it at any given time.

When Lt. Commander Guy Hunt took Over as the Strategic Operations Officer, he wanted to upgrade and set the Center up more along the Lines of a Combat Information Center and an Emergency Back Up Control Center.

The Old Communications center was removed from the round open pit under the Strategic Operations Officers Office. The Pit was then enclosed with super sonic walls and scanning deflecting technology. The walls can repeal the blast of any known hand held Phaser, Blaster, Disruptor and other Energy weapons. The Room has two doors, one on each side off the stairs leading to Hunt's office. State of the Art displays were installed on the walls along with the newest LCAR's. A long Oval Table was placed in the center of the room with 14 black leather chairs around the table. Each seat has its own computer interface and private communications device. A Whole war can be ran and coordinated from this room in complete secrecy if need be.

A Catwalk was added around Hunt's office with three bridges that flank over the whole of the Hub to the larger cat walk on the outer walls. The Communication Stations were installed there between the windows looking out to the other towers in the under city-like structure of the base.

On the request of Guy Hunt, the Center is now on a full time lock down and a Full time Marine Detail is stationed on Guard duty. There are two Marine's at every door into the center to check all Officers stationed in the Center in and out, or to check in Guest if they have been cleared to enter the Center. The New Conference and Control Room also has Marines at the door.

Lt. Commander Ian Lane West Office

Ian West's office overlooks the Center. It is situated at the top of a set of transparent, blue lighted steps, unless at red alert then they pulse in a low red light. His office has an unobstructed view of everything taking place in the center below. But he also has the option of making the window one way, so he can see out but others can not see in, or going with a frosted look, so viewing is a two-way obstruction. His desk is a U-Shaped Cherry type Burl Wood Desk, with gold trim and a sleek marble black top hosting tangible interface, utilizing both gesture and multi-touch technologies and multitask pop up Viewers that are hidden in the desk. Guy's Chair is a White Leather High Back with matching Burl furnishings. Incoming communications are not displayed on a computer screen normally. Rather, they are projected holographically from an internal interface emitter. The Office itself is almost round with windows that arch out from the floor to the over head ceiling above.

Ian's Desk sets in the center of the Office on the rear arching all straight across from the doors to the catwalk and the steps down to the center.

In front of the Desk are two matching white leather chairs only with a lower back and no wheels on them with a small round burl table between the two chairs.

To the right of the desk is an oval conference table with six white leather low back chairs around it. There are a few small tables close to the conference table that house many rare antiques and one with a tall lighted model of the Star Base and the USS Victory Docking.

To the left of the Desk is a long white leather sofa with two burl end tables with plants on each and two matching white chairs. A rounded table between all three with an antique Greek Coffee hand held grinder, Coffee Brew pot and four small cups, on a alabaster tray. Behind the Sofa there is a full length Sofa table with a few British Navigation peaces from 1689 Earth, a Model of the USS Resolution and a few photo's of the family.

Behind Ian's desk is a long credenza with his set of 18th Century rare Greek history books from Earth on each side of the books he has Zeus holding up one end with lighting bolt in hand and Poseidon on the other with Trident in hand. Next to the Credenza is an old Gold Telescope on a wooden tripod. With the UFP flag on the right side and the Star Fleet flag on the left side of the Credenza.

Ian's Desktop has a few items on it but mostly houses PADD's and Micro Chips and Data Rods and a Few Stylist. With a gold lamp with a blue glass shade that belonged to his great grandmother.

The Carpet is a dark gray with blue lining the room. Guy keeps the main lights pretty low with the accent lighting around the room set to blue and is used more for primary lighting. The room also has a few lamps and plates in the window frames that light the floor.

Ian's Had the Office completely redone to remove his Predecessor's more cold taste in a work environment. Changing lighting, flooring, wall colors and all the furniture.

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