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Ops-icon.gif       "The important thing is this: To be able at any moment
to sacrifice what we are for what we could become."
- Charles Du Bos

This page serves as a hub for information regarding the various departments on Starbase 118 Ops.

Command Department

The Command Towers sector is the highest module of the base, and serve a wide range of purposes and departments. The Operations Command Center, known to many simply as Ops, can be seen in the Command Section as well, and is where the section gets its name. This six deck area is shaped like a round tablet, and functions as the main nerve center of the starbase.

Operations Department

The operations department is delineated into several sub-sections, including:

  • Station Operations: responsible for managing the officers who staff the command center as well as other issues such as computer resources, long range sensors and internal communications, etc.
  • External Communications: deal with almost all of the communications from ships assigned to StarBase 118, as well as communications which pass through the relays to places within and without the 118 sector.
  • Fleet Operations: handle the routing of ships who are assigned to the StarBase, as well as other Starfleet vessels on their way to other locations within the 118 sector and beyond.
  • Flight Control: coordinate with all civilian and non-starfleet ships moving in and out of the immediate area of the base.

Engineering Department

Engineering deals with the resourcing of internal power sources, maintaining computer functions, schedules of maintenance to all of the starbase's internal systems. Engineering also coordinates with incoming starships on their repair schedules and is responsible for the upkeep of StarBase assigned starships, shuttlecrafts, and runabouts.

Security Department

Tactical Department

Tactical is responsible for the safety and well-being of the starbase itself through use of necessary force to counter any external threats. Tactical is also responsible for maintaining the various armories throughout the starbase and keeping an inventory of all hand-held phasers and other weapons. The tactical chief will also manage the fighter wings that will be assigned to protect the base.

Medical Department

Medical oversees the health and general well-being of all inhabitants of the base, not generally including those officers housed on ships docked at the base. Coordinates with the head station counselor as well.

Counseling Department

The counseling department is responsible for the mental health of StarBase 118, both Starfleet and civilian personnel. The counseling staff is made up of a wide variety of psychologists and psychiatrists that are capable of handling the needs of many different Federation and non-Federation members' psychological needs. The counseling department's suite is located in the administrative area of the base. Counseling is also heavily involved in diplomatic contact, acting as liasons between Starfleet staff who would provide research and cultural insights/information about a certain topic or race and the Command Department.

Science Department

Starfleet Diplomatic Corps

Marine Contingent

Intelligence Department