Staff officer rank

A staff officer rank in UFOP: StarBase 118 is a rank above Lt. Commander. Once a member achieves the rank of Commander, they are considered a part of the fleet staff. Unlike the previous lower ranks, which are awarded at the discretion of an individual member's commanding officer, the ranks of Commander and above require a council vote (Captains Council vote for Commanders, Executive Council vote for Captain and higher) and the successful completion of specific promotion criteria by candidates.

See also: Promotions/Commander and Promotions/Captain on the Promotions Guide.
Commander: Promoted by the Captains Council, Commanders are voting members of that council and support our fleet's operations as senior members of the community.
Captain: Promoted by the Executive Council, Captains have earned the privilege and responsibility of commanding their own vessels.

Flag Officer Ranks are ranks above Captain awarded by the Executive Council for exceptionally dedicated staff members.