St. John, Tucker

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USS Doyle-A
Tucker St. John
Position Helmsman & Pilot
Rank Lieutenant JG
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 236506.18
Age 34
Birthplace Denver City, TX, Earth

Tucker Elias St. John is a helmsman aboard the USS Doyle-A


  • Height: 6’
  • Weight: 176lbs
  • Hair: light brown
  • Eyes: blue-green


  • Father: Rhode St. John
  • Mother: Annabelle Franklin
  • Sister: Eileen St. John
  • Sister: Caroline St. John


Tucker’s a bit of happy-go-lucky, laid back sort of fellow who thinks he can sing (and badly) who loves anything resembling air craft. He landed at Starfleet Academy pursuing a dream of flying starships and from his early years fixing up farming equipment, decided he wanted to get his feet wet in Engineering. He made a favorable impression with his flying skills (from flying old dust croppers and a couple of old air fighters), less so with his engineering skills when he thought he was modifying a simple inter-sector hopper and ended up blasting a hole in the ceiling when his Academy engineering project blasted the sound barrier… and accidently shot into a low warp before leaving Earth’s atmosphere.

Tucker got into hot water when his Academy project careened off of an orbiting starship and exploded just outside of Earth. He swore up and down he only made minor tweaks to the input/output flow of the simple engine, and it probably was some kind of misalignment in the propulsion conduits from the engine the Academy gave him in the first place. He barely managed to save his skinny rear side from getting chuckled out of the Engineering program, but Starfleet preferred him in the pilot’s chair anyway.

Graduating from the Academy at the age of twenty-four, Tucker got assigned to the USS Farrigut as an HCO Officer and spent the next three years flying the Nebula Class, earning a promotion up to Lieutenant JayGee but shy of a full promotion. The Farrigut took extensive damage during the conflict and Tucker ended up flying the ship on one nacelle, limping all the way to Utopia Planetia where the Farrigut went into drydock facing a long retrofit. Most of the personnel were reassigned to other ships in the Fleet. Tucker got held over and assigned to running Starfleet personnel throughout the Sol System, berthing at Starfleet HQ on Earth.

Once the Apollo-A finished repairs, St. John got a last minute reassignment to the ship, once again as an HCO officer.

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