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Crew of USS Resolutiion
Master Chief Petty Officer Mark Spencer, BM

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  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Chief of the Ship
  • Ship: USS Resolution
  • Rank: Command Master Chief Petty Officer
  • Race: Human

  • DOB:’’’ 234805.11
  • Age:’’’ 42
  • Height: 5’11’’
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Birthplace: The Moon

Baylen Anders PNPC

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Command Master Chief Petty Officer Greg Phillip Spencer, BM MCO Spencer is a PNPC of Ian Lane West

Greg Spencer is a Boatswains Mate and Small Craft Master, he worked as a Tug Helm Operator a Crewman up to a 2nd Class Petty Officer. When Greg was promoted to 1st Class Petty Officer he was stationed on the USS Hathaway C working Boarder Patrols. When Greg was made Chief Petty Officer he was Made the COB Chief of the Boat. The Hathaway was part of the 2nd Fleet in the Dominion War. In 2375 the Breen Attacked Earth, Greg went back to Earth to as a Senior Chief Petty Officer and Project Manager to Help Rebuild Star Fleet Command and the Fleet in Dry Dock. In 2380 Greg was Made a Master Chief Petty Officer and Small Craft and Tug Commander for Earth Dry Dock. Greg Missed his Deep Space Time and took the 1st Job he found on the USS Independence A as a Strategic Operations Officer and Enlisted Coordinator.

Command Master Chief Spencer Came on-board the USS Independence A on his 25th Anniversary of Entering Star Fleet.

He then went to earth for a short stent and was Transferred aboard the the USS Mercury as the Chief of the Boat COB

Greg Entered Star Fleet as a 2nd Class Crewman, Before Star Fleet Greg was an Engineer on a Diplomatic Core Ship.

Chief of the Boat (COB)

Chief of the Boat is a senior enlisted man on a starship in the Federation Starfleet who assists and advises the commanding officer and executive officer on matters regarding the good order and discipline of the crew. There is only one COB on a vessel and he is generally responsible for the day-to-day operations of the boat's non-commissioned personnel and for their morale and training. While it is usually true that the COB is the most senior enlisted man, it is not strictly required. The CO is neither required to select the highest ranking man or the most senior in time in grade aboard, nor to replace his COB with a more senior man who reports aboard after the COB's selection. The positon of COB should obviously be considered as a senior staff positon on a starship.

When a new enlisted crewmember joins a ship's crew, the COB is usually one of the first people he will meet. While the COB is outside the direct chain of command for crewmembers junior to him, he has a tremendous amount of authority and carries a lot of weight, generally being thought of as the top of a virtual enlisted chain of command.

While the term is technically outdated, it has remained as Starfleet jargon as an homage to the ancient navies of Earth.

Wife: Jessica Spencer, Lives in there home on the Moon, teaches History at the High School level

Son: Lt. Jg Mark Spencer, Asst. Chief Engineer on the USS Abkani Akira Class Star Ship

Son: Lt. Max Spencer (Killed in Dominion War)

Greg Holds a Master Degree in Ship Engineering from M.I.T.

Post Insignia Rank Ship/Station Date
Chief of the Boat (COB) E9-MCPO-Red.png Command Master Chief Petty Officer USS Mercury 238510.2 to 238810.2
Strategic Operations E9-MCPO-Red.png Master Chief Petty Officer USS Independence A 238510.2 to 238810.2
Small Craft and Tug Fleet Commander E9-MCPO-Red.png Master Chief Petty Officer Earth Dry Dock 23822.12 to 23859.21
Quartermaster E8-SCPO-Red.png Senior Chief Petty Officer Star Fleet Command Earth 237511.2 to 23822.4
Chief of the Boat E8-SCPO-Red.png Senior Chief Petty Officer USS Hathaway C 23734.16 to 237510.30
Captain's Assistant Yeoman E7-CPO-Red.png Chief Petty Officer USS Hathaway C 23708.14 to 237212.12
Tug Commander E6-PO1st-Red.png Petty Officer 1st Class Earth Dry Dock 23689.30 to 23708.12
First Officer's Asst. Yeoman E5-PO2nd-Red.png Petty officer 2nd Class Earth Dry Dock 23651.5 to 23689.29
Transporter Operator E5-PO2nd-Red.png Petty officer 2nd Class Earth Dry Dock, TUG 23639.17 to 23651.4
Tug Helm Officer E4-PO3rd-Red.png Petty Officer 3rd Class Earth Dry Dock TUG 23639.17 to 23651.4
Operations Chief's Yeoman E3-Crew1st-Red.png Crewman 1st Class Earth Dry Dock Operations Center 23614.5 to 23639.16
Transporter Operator E2-Crew2nd-Red.png Crewman 2nd Class Star Fleet Command Earth 236010.2 to 23614.3