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Ghyurn was born and raised on the Gorn homeworld. When he was still a fledgling, his tribe went to war in a ship that attacked and was crippled by a Federation starship. Most on board were killed, but Ghyurn and a few others survived and were beamed aboard the starship and returned to a Starbase. While unable to fend for himself, Ghyurn took an interest in humans and Starfleet in general. He did not share his tribe's bloodlust or need for battle, instead having an explorer's heart. When the time came to return the survivors to the Gorn homeworld, Ghyurn pleaded with the commander of Starbase 118 for asylum, which was granted. Through the years, Ghyurn enrolled in Starfleet Academy and passed with flying colors, becoming only the second Gorn in Starfleet. He then met an individual that would change his life forever.
Assigned Security duty aboard the [[USS Discovery]], Ghyurn witnessed the abduction of [[Waltas, Daisha|Daisha Waltas]] by a Cardassian spy, and the frantic efforts of her father, [[Waltas, Tyr|Captain Tyr Waltas]] to rescue her. When the culprit who had tipped off the Cardassians as to Daisha's location was found, Ghyurn prevented Tyr from killing the accomplice in his security cell by blocking a vicious sword strike with his phaser rifle. Gaining an abiding respect, Ghyurn got to know Waltas and the two became fast friends. Tyr taught Ghyurn the finer points of Starfleet and humanoid life, and Ghyurn gave Tyr his strength and friendship when he needed it the most.
Ghyurn later met Tyr's to-be wife, [[Redstone, Eden|Commander Eden Redstone]], and the two bonded. Having had literally no friends in his Gorn or Academy days, Ghyurn relished the fact that he now had two friends that he could both count on and defend if need be. Rising through the ranks, Ghyurn never put his duty above his friendship for Tyr and Eden, even abandoning Starfleet for a time to rescue Eden's body and reunite it with her katra when she was killed on a Discovery mission.
Since then, Ghyurn has attained the rank of Commander and was Commanding Officer of DS-285 for some time, but dearly missed his friends. When given the chance by Tyr to serve aboard Discovery once again, he had no hesitation. He currently serves as the Deck Officer aboard the [[USS Discovery-C]].
Ghyurn is fiercely loyal to his friends and holds that loyalty above all else. As one would expect, his calling cards are his massive strength and indominable spirit, but those who know him best are aware of a heart beneath the rough, scaly exterior. Ghyurn rarely shows affection but the notable exceptions are towards Eden, Teagan and Daisha, and occasionally Tyr himself. Ghyurn would never admit this openly.
Ghyurn has recently added to his list of friends [[Lundrigan, Eric|Eric Lundrigan]], the HCO Chief who dared to stand up to him after destroying his dress-white uniform and stepping on his tail. Ghyurn holds an abiding respect for Eric.

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