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Avandar Auxiliary Craft

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Long Range
The [[USS Avandar]] has six types of auxiliary craft. It has five [[Type-11]] Shuttlecraft for Long-Range scientific exploration ; two [[Type-18-S]] shuttlepods for Short-Range transport; one [[Danube-S class]] Runabout for combat situations; 1 [[Argo Class]] shuttle and the [[Avandar_Waverider|Borealis]], a waverider atmospheric shuttlecraft designed for atmospheric planetary away missions.
====Long Range====
The USS Avandar carries five Type XI -S Shuttle, one Danube-S class Runabout, 1 Argo Class shuttle, along with the Waverider.
The Type XI -S shuttlecraft is an advanced piece of technology, containing bioneural circuitry as a standard, as well as a compact powerplant that still provides excellent cruising and maximum speeds. The cockpit is an individual compartment, separate from the rest of the shuttle, which a break from Starfleet's standard shuttle design.
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! style="background:#900000; width:650px;" |<font color=white>'''Specification'''</font>
! style="background:#800000; width:200px225px;" |<font color=white>'''Image'''</font>
* '''Crew:''' 2, plus 10 passengers
* '''Length:''' 614.64m* '''Beam:''' 35.26m* '''Height:''' 45.25m
* '''Decks:''' 1
* '''Armaments:''' 4 Type V phaser banks, 1 Micro-photon torpedo tubes with 20 torpedoes
The Danube-S class was first commissioned by Starfleet in 2368 2388 for use as a light multipurpose craft in situations that demanded a vessel more capable than a standard shuttlecraft, but lower profile than a full-sized starship. With this flexibility, a runabout could be utilized as a long-range personnel and cargo transport, an agile mobile defense platform, or a high-speed reconnaissance vehicle. The first one Deployed Is On board the [[USS Avandar]].
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* '''Crew:''' 64, plus 10 3 passengers
* '''Length:''' 10.00m
* '''Beam:''' 38.26m* '''Height:''' 45.25m
* '''Decks:''' 1
* '''Armaments:''' 4 Type VI phaser banks, 2 Micro-photon torpedo tubes with 60 torpedoes
* '''Hull:''' Single light Duranium/Tritanium
* '''Warp Speeds:''' Cruising 5, Maximum 7.5 (sustainable for 6 hours)
|[[Image:Danube-class1class2.jpg|225px|center]]<br><br><br>[[Image:Danube cockpit.jpg|225px|center]][[Image:Danube.gif|225px|center]]
* '''Crew:''' 4
* '''Length:''' 414.50m* '''Beam:''' 68.80(including wingspan)* '''Height:''' 46.10m
* '''Decks:''' 1
* '''Armaments:''' 2 Type VI phaser banks, 1 Micro-photon torpedo tubes with 20 torpedoes

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