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Avandar Auxiliary Craft

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The Argo Class Shuttle is one of the newest class of shuttle in the Federation. The Argo was designed with recessed warp nacelles and fold-down wings. These wings were designed to assist in atmospheric maneuverability. The shuttle was equipped with an [[all-terrain buggy]] that could transport up to three passengers over rugged terrain. The buggy was secured aboard the shuttle's cargo hold via wheel clamps. The shuttlecraft could also be remote controlled from a device on the buggy.
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! style="background:#900000; width:650px;" |<font color=white>'''Specification'''</font>
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* '''Crew:''' 4
* '''Length:''' 4.50m
* '''Beam:''' 6.80(including wingspan)
* '''Height:''' 4.10m
* '''Decks:''' 1
* '''Mass:''' 27.20t
* '''Armaments:''' 2 Type VI phaser banks, 1 Micro-photon torpedo tubes with 20 torpedoes
* '''Deflectors:''' 6 symmetrical subspace graviton field grids
* '''Hull:''' Single light Duranium/Tritanium
* '''Warp Speeds:''' Cruising 5, Maximum 7.5 (sustainable for 6 hours)
|[[Image:Argo shuttle.jpg|225px|center]]<br><br><br>[[Image:go shuttle and buggy.jpg|225px|center]]
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