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Lowe, Sarah

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Sarah Lowe is the daughter of [[Lowe, Bailey|Bailey]] and [[Lowe, Vasilissa|Vasilissa Lowe]]. She grows up wherever Because Vasilissa was reassigned, Sarah was to go with her parents are, . It's unknown how hard the seperation between herself and is usually found with her mother in Sick Bayfather will be for her.
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**Bailey Lowe
**Vasilissa Lowe
*'''Whereabouts:''' [[USS Ronin]]Earth
* '''Mother:''' [[Lowe, Vasilissa|Vasilissa Lowe]]
** Vasilissa is a human and is currently a Chiropractition aboard the USS Roninstationed at StarFleet Medical.
* '''Father:''' [[Lowe, Bailey|Bailey Lowe]]
** Bailey, a Brekkian Human hybrid, is currently an Intelligence officer aboard the USS Ronin
According to her parents, Sarah didn't cry or make a sound when she was born. It is confusing how, as there was no complications with the birth or the pregnancy.
Sarah is Is very outgoing. In just a week did she go from a very quiet little girlto a very helpful and very talkative, very young, and doesn't talk when there are strangers around - regardless of their intention. The only person who has seemed to defy this rule is [[Marloy]]lady.
Sarah likes to draw and learn more than anything else. She speaks very fluently, and is quite helpful to the Sick Bay staff. She has shown great potential in Operations and Engineering, working out how to put things together quickly.

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