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Jarrod Pritzker

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==Personal Details==
*Full Name: Jarrod Pritzker (PNPC played by Lieutenant Commander [[Readdy, Ann|Ann Readdy]])
*Race: [[Human]]
*Date of Birth: 235803.22
*Place of Birth: Earth, New Chicago
*Age: 23
*Gender: Male

*Hair Color: Jet Black
*Eye Color: Brown
*Caucasian, athletic build. He is 6' 6" somewhat lanky, but not too thin. His skin is medium, usually tanned and has a fair amount of hair on his chest. He keeps his hair Usually sports one earring in his left ear, when off-duty.

*Personality: Arrogant, cocky, quick-tempered, yet all business, while on duty.
*Strengths: Exercises restraint, photographic memory, proficient with explosives and tactical diversionary techniques
*Weaknesses: A tidge too quick to fight, when provoked, especially when drunk. Tends to brag at times, which can be annoying.
*Ambitions: To be the best Starfleet Tactical Officer and one day command his own starship.
*Hobbies: Baseball, Martial Arts sparring, boxing

**Father: James Arthur Pritzker
**Mother: Melanie Laurie Pritzker
**Brother: Randy Keith Pritzker, Aged 27
**Brother: Peter Gerald Pritzker, Aged 25
**Brother: Jay Paul Pritzker, Aged 17
**Brother: David Stephen Pritzker, Aged 15

==Personal History==
Jarrod Pritzker was born, on March 22, 2358, in New Chicago, to James and Melanie Pritzker, members of the prominent, wealthy Pritzker family, that still dominates New Chicago. His childhood was typical of the well-to-do, afforded the best schools and opportunities for travel and many luxuries. Jarrod did tend to be a bit clumsy early on and was often silly and obnoxious, which prompted the nick name "Jar-Jar", after a still-popular movies series, first released in 1977, called "Star Wars". Jarrod hated that character and would often get into scrapes with the other boys, trying the patience of his parents, teachers and others. Jarrod learned to channel his temper to the boxing ring and Martial Arts competitions steadily rising through the weight classes, losing very few bouts. He has three brothers, Randy, Paul and David.

By the time he reached high school, his athletic prowess earned him a great deal of respect on many levels. Jarrod not only was a champion boxer, but excelled in several disciplines of Martial arts, as well as pitching for the school baseball team. He helped his school win many state championships. Of course, Jarrod's parents wanted him to take part in the family businesses and take over some of the holdings so they could remain viable.

It took some convincing on Jarrod's part, aided by his instructors and athletic coaches, but after about six months, when Jarrod turned 16, his family relented and gave him permission to apply to Starfleet Academy, which he had his heart set on since the eighth grade.

Once Jarrod ahd gotten the permission, he went right back to concentrating on his education, being he wanted to enter Starfleet Academy. Taking the required courses, for his chosen field, Security and Tactical, meant the next 3½ years would be spent studying and working hard to keep in excellent physical shape. Mr. Pritzker's efforts paid off, for he passed the grueling battery of tests, both academic and physical and was accepted into Starfleet Academy

Jarrod's Academy days were typical of a cadet, yet he did manage to still get into scrapes that would test the patience of just about everyone around him, once again! There were times, when other cadets would tease him about his nickname and Jarrod would haul off and deck one or two, but then an observant instructor directed Skokieto, where else, but the Martial Arts ring. Four years later, Mr. Swift graduated Starfleet Academy with slightly above average grades, ready for his first assignment.

==Career History==
Upon graduation, Skokie was assigned to the USS Houston an experimental battle cruiser, as a Tactical officer. The reason this ship was declared experimental, was due to some yet-untried technology aboard. During the first few months, Skokie took great care to thoroughly settle into Starfleet life, although not always successfully. He still took issue with ignorant crewmembers who though it amusing to call him "Jar-Jar". After a long and careful counseling session, with a very understanding Counselor, Janice Trellis, he finally came to terms with this nickname and even embraced it.

After approximately 18 months, Jarrod was transferred to the USS Bismarck, where he served for another 6 months before an incident forced that ship to be decommissioned and he had to spend seven months aboard DS 15, before receiving his next assignment, the USS (Name of Ship), to help alleviate the crew shortage.

Jarrod is also known as "Jar-Jar", or "Pritz" by close friends and family.

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