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SIM:JP: LtJG Deven Zell & LtJG Sky Blake, "Taking Care"

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'''[[Cain, Arden|Cain]]:''' ~~ That quote the Captain mentioned doesn’t sound like a very good ome-~~
'''[[Lowe, Bailey|Lowe]]:''' ~~ She shouldn’t- ~~
'''Cain:''' ~~ ...good speech though- ~~
'''Blake:''' With everything that’s been going on, I don’t think anyone would have noticed.
'''Zell: ''' Well, I think you should go to see Doctor T'Pen after our meeting '''in the Science Lab. And I know what you're thinking, you don't have to be a telepath to have you figured out at least that much. Plus, I'll go talk to Asa and tell him to back off about things he doesn't understand. But, if you '''*DO*''' talk to him again, try to make him see things from your perspective. Sounds like he's assuming way too much.
'''Blake:''' That sounds fantastic.
* [[Zell, Deven|Ltjg Deven Zell]]
* [[OperationsHelm/Com/Ops (Duty Post)|Chief of Operations]]
* [[USS Ronin]]
* NCC-34523
*[[USS Ronin]]

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