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Yassim Cian

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Lieutenant '''Yassim Cian''', a Bajoran, is currently a science officer aboard the [[USS EagleDrake]].
* '''Date of Birth''': 31st March
* '''Place of Birth''': Kendra Province, Bajor
* '''Age''': 2428
* '''Gender''': Male
* '''Telepathic status''': Not applicable
* '''Build''': Muscular
* '''Carriage''': Casually efficient
* '''Voice''': Gravelled Softly-spoken baritone
* '''Handedness''': Right-handed
* '''Taste in Clothing (when off duty)''': Clean, modern styles in earth tones.
* '''Current Rank''': Lieutenant
* '''Current Assignment''': USS Eagle
* '''Duty Post''': Science Officer (Stellar CartographyBiophysics)
===Awards & Commendations===
* '''238610.24''': Assigned to the USS Eagle as a science officer.
* ''238803.02''': Transferred to the USS Drake.
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