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Darius Mando

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Personal History
# '''238210.02''': Graduated TAAL with advanced qualifications in Psychology and Xenobiology.
# '''238210.05''': Joined Starfleet Academy
Previous Hosts:
5. Alynna-Teacher at the TAAL academy. Was 73 at time of accidental death. Well known for love of the Federation and the want to explore. Made friends with Darius and chose him to carry on the Mando symbiot.
4. Nilani- Most recent host. Was 87 at time of death. Computer scientist. Renowned on Trill. Widowed. Had twins. Friends claim she had great decorating taste. Made good cheesecake.
3. Lytus- Very shy. Loved nature; ecologist. Hermit. Vegan. Won latinum medal in Federation Olympics for swimming. Never married. Died at 63.
2. Devinel- Brutal politician. Led the governing body for seven years. Never left Trill if he could help it. Scared of transporters. Was assassinated at age 45 by a human mercenary (the only name on record for this woman is Taya) whom he had been involved with.
1. Calila- Cocktail waitress turned defense pilot. Achieved rank of Colonel before retiring early at age 37, after her health down was worn down by time in an alien prison (her thirteenth prison term). Married former second-in-command. Had five children. Died at age 100.

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