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Duronis II/Capital Province Lokesh

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Roughly 2000 years ago Lokesh Island was part of the Kingdom of Manar. It was not heavily populated, but was strategically important for the fleets of fishing vessels that brought in most of their catches from the massive sub-marine shelf off their coast.
Groundfish (so-called because they generally feed and dwell near the bottom, the "ground" of the sea) make up about half of Manar's total catch of all saltwater species. The relatively shallow waters of the continental shelf - that submerged shoulder of seabed separating the continental shore from the deep ocean - provide an ideal habitat for fish. Manar's [[Maranarian Ocean|Maranarian shelf]], especially its shallowest portions - the renowned Kirakt, Hon'tis and other fishing banks - provides some of the richest pastures of the sea for breeding and feeding aquatic life.
Warm waters of the northerly flowing Tanal Stream mingling with the southerly flowing frigid Govindian Current create conditions particularly conducive to sustaining large populations of groundfish species.
===Places of Note:===
* '''Lokesh spaceport''' - located at the southern-most tip of the island; surrounded by green hills (sims. 103, 111) This spaceport is approximately 30km from the main embassy building, but accessible by ground transportation or transporter. The Federation owns warehouse and secure launching facility in this area, just large enough to land a Nova class vessel.
* '''[[Prime Minister's Mansion]]''' - (sim. 118)
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