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The Aenar are physiologically very similar to the [[Andorian|Andorians]], with two antennae sprouting from their heads, although the antennae of the Aenar have small indentations in the funnel shaped tips. The Aenar are completely blind and have no skin or hair pigment, resulting in a pale white appearance (similar to [[human]] albinos). On average they stand between 1.7 and 2.2 metres tall, and are roughly of the same build as the average [[human]]. Their metabolism is high, a trait that has been evolved to aid their survival in the sub-freezing temperatures of the planet’s polar ice-cap. Their blood is cobalt-based.
The most distinctive trait of the Aenar, however, are is their highly evolved [[MA:Telepathy|telepathic]] abilities. An Aenar is capable of reading minds and of [[MA:Telepathy|telepathically]] projecting itself to other [[MA:Humanoid|humanoids]]. They use [[MA:Telepathy|telepathy]] to communicate amongst themselves. Being that they are a subspecies of [[Andorian]], therefore actually a member of the same species, they are completely genetically compatible with [[Andorian|Andorians]], allowing for the birth of hybrid offspring. Such hybrids often retain the strongest abilities of their genetic donors, as the offspring of the breeding group that contained [[MA:Jhamel|Jhamel]], [[MA:Shran|Shran]], Shenar, and Vishri produced [[MA:Talla|Talla]], who retained both [[MA:Telepathy|telepathy]] and the ability to see.

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