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|2154 || The [[MA:Romulan drone-ship|drone-ship]] piloted by [[MA:Gareb|Gareb]] is the instrument used to manifest a [[Romulan]] plot to cause a war between the [[Tellarite|Tellarites]] and the [[Andorian|Andorians]]. It also makes an attempt to cause a strain in relations between [[Human|Humans]] and [[MA:Rigellian|Rigellians]]. [[MA:Jonathan Archer|Jonathan Archer]] theorizes that the [[Romulan|Romulans]] are trying to destabilise a large area of space in preparation for an invasion.
|2154 || Captain [[MA:Jonathan Archer|Jonathan Archer]] and [[Andorian]] Commander [[MA:Shran|Shran]] contact the Aenar for assitance assistance in foiling the [[Romulan]] plot. The Aenar are unwilling to help but for one [ zhen], [[MA:Jhamel|Jhamel]]. With her assistance, and co-operation from the [[Vulcan|Vulcans]], [[Tellarite|Tellarites]], [[Andorian|Andorians]], and [[MA:Starfleet|Starfleet]], the [[MA:Romulan drone-ship|Romulan drone-ship]] is destroyed. However [[MA:Gareb|Gareb]] is killed as a result by his [[Romulan]] captors.
|2154 || [[Orion]] slavers raid the Aenar settlement in the Northern Wastes. [[MA:Jhamel|Jhamel]] is captured, and later rescued by the crew of [[MA:Enterprise (NX-01)|Enterprise]]. [[Romulan]] involvement is uncovered after Commander [[MA:Shran|Shran]] attempts to kill one of the [[Orion|Orions]] captors on [[MA:Adigeon Prime|Adigeon Prime]]. [[MA:Jhamel|Jhamel]] is returned home, but one of the members of her breeding group is killed in the process. [[MA:Shran|Shran]] accepts the request to take his place.

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