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The most distinctive trait of the Aenar, however, are their highly evolved [[MA:Telepathy|telepathic]] abilities. An Aenar is capable of reading minds and of [[MA:Telepathy|telepathically]] projecting itself to other [[MA:Humanoid|humanoids]]. They use [[MA:Telepathy|telepathy]] to communicate amongst themselves. Being that they are a subspecies of [[Andorian]], therefore actually a member of the same species, they are completely genetically compatible with [[Andorian|Andorians]], allowing for the birth of hybrid offspring. Such hybrids often retain the strongest abilities of their genetic donors, as the offspring of the breeding group that contained [[MA:Jhamel|Jhamel]], [[MA:Shran|Shran]], Shenar, and Vishri produced [[MA:Talla|Talla]], who retained both [[MA:Telepathy|telepathy]] and the ability to see.
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