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Stadi Prox

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Loss of Telepathy
===Loss of Telepathy===
During a mission in which Stadi and Commander [[Assanti, Cura|Cura Assanti]] had to make a telepathic link with Captain [[Walker, Benjamin J.|Benjamin Walker]] Stadi lost his telepathy when a psionic inhibitor was put into place around the ship that contained the Captain.
After Stadi lost the ability to use his telepathy he chose to take a leave of absence in order to have physicians and scientist on Betazed investigate the cause. The doctors discovered that they psionic inhibitor essentially overloaded Stadi's parcortex, thus, causing his telepathy to stop working. This was a blessing and troubling for Stadi to overcome. It was relieving for Stadi to finally not be constantly hearing the thoughts of others, but simultaneously, he seemed like a musician without his instrument. Stadi felt very alone in his new, quiet world.
Over time, Stadi's telepathy began to return. Stadi was hoping that his telepathic incontinence might no longer be an issue. However, his incontinence seemed to happen on a lesser degree. Only every so often does he inadvertently hear the thoughts of others.
==Professional History==

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